Where the rail money will go

The Department of Transportation announced yesterday that it’s reallocating $1.2 billion in high-speed rail money from Wisconsin and Ohio to other states. But where, exactly, is that money going?

A news release from the Department of Transportation breaks down where the funds will most likely be reallocated. Below is a list of the states, along with a link to a news story that goes into greater detail about how the money will be used (except Missouri, but my assumption is that it’s for Chicago-St. Louis service).

California: $624 million

Florida: $342.3 million

Washington: $161.5 million

Illinois: $42.3 million

New York: $7.3 million

Maine: $3.3 million

Massachusetts: $2.8 million

Vermont: $2.7 million

Missouri $2.2 million

Wisconsin: $2 million (for improvements to existing Hiawatha line)

Oregon: $1.6 million

North Carolina: $1.5 million

Iowa: $309,080

Indiana: $364,980

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