Class action suit over Keystone XL?

Domina Law Group, an Omaha-based trial lawyer firm, is considering a lawsuit against TransCanada over its use of eminent domain to secure a route for the Keystone XL pipeline through Nebraska.

In a news release, Domina asks:

“TransCanada’s threat to use eminent domain under the authority of a Nebraska statute permitting pipeline companies to do so with no checks on their authority is a real concern. Does this mean any foreign company from any nation can announce a pipeline project and condemn Nebraska land even if the company serves the interests of a nation out of favor with our own?”

It’s a question that’s come up before, creating an interesting political alliance between environmental groups and political conservatives.

However, as SolveClimate News reported in March, a special legal status may make the pipeline immune to such lawsuits.

h/t Politico’s Morning Energy

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