Mapping renewable energy in Wisconsin

RENEW Wisconsin, through the wonders of intern-ology, has just unveiled two new Google Maps showing the location and type of every, or at least *nearly* every, renewable power installation in the state (disclosure: RENEW Wisconsin is a member of RE-AMP, which also supports Midwest Energy News).

There is a statewide map, showing all the biomass, wind, solar and biogas projects statewide, and another map that ranks installations by county.

Interestingly, the majority of those power sources are solar, and not surprisingly, there seems to be a direct correlation between solar power systems and population density. That illustrates one of the advantages of solar panels – they can be placed closer to the people using the energy, as opposed to wind turbines, which are most effective in remote areas.

While the dataset is exhaustively researched, it’s not necessarily 100% complete, so if you spot something that’s missing, let them know.

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