Holiday week recap

As promised, here’s a wrap-up of the top stories from the past week or so for those of you who were taking time off:

  • A 41-turbine wind farm is proposed near the Minnesota-Wisconsin border.
  • A Nebraska bill in response to Keystone XL sets up a do-not-cross zone for pipelines in areas where the Ogallala Aquifer is most vulnerable, and state officials investigate conflict-of-interest questions between TransCanada and the firm hired for an environmental review of the project. (Omaha World-Herald)
  • A Reuters investigation finds that Chesapeake Energy used shell companies to buy up oil and gas leases in Michigan.
  • A wind project in central Minnesota is delayed as developers still haven’t found a buyer for the electricity. (St. Cloud Times)
  • Federal data suggest that estimates of U.S. natural gas potential may be vastly overstated. (Slate)
  • The company responsible for a gas pipeline explosion in Ohio was already under investigation for two pipeline ruptures earlier this year. (Columbus Dispatch)
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