Three out of four Ohio towns reject anti-fracking measures

(Photo by WCN 24/7 via Creative Commons)

Voters in Youngstown, Ohio rejected an anti-fracking ballot measure for the fourth time on Tuesday, while similar measures also failed in two other communities.

The proposed community bill of rights in Youngstown, part of an ongoing effort by local activists to limit drilling activity in the state, was supported by only 42 percent of voters — meaning it fell by a wider margin than the most recent attempt in May. Backers at that time pledged to continue trying until the ordinance passed.

Similar measures were also rejected by voters in Kent and Gates Mills. Voters in Gates Mills did, however, vote in favor of authorizing electric and natural gas aggregation, along with several other Ohio communities.

Meanwhile, voters in Athens, Ohio approved a community bill of rights measure by a wide margin, with 78 percent support.

The measures were among eight nationwide dealing with the issue.

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