The following video series was submitted by Bob Trondson of Clouds North Films.

From Clouds North Films and the Center for the New Energy Economy, this four-part micro-documentary series is a snapshot of the faces that make up a modern American coal town.

Craig, Colorado, is a coal community whose power plant and coal mine, the economic foundation of the town, will be phased out by 2030. With music by fellow-Coloradans The Lumineers, the voices of this community narrate a dynamic story of transition and resilience.

Coal town in transition

We are introduced to the town of Craig and the people who make it a community, piecing together voices that together build the big picture of the energy transition.

The engineer

The coal mine engineer explains his worries about the impact of the transition for those most directly affected — the mine employees and their families.

The coal miner’s daughter

A successful entrepreneur and daughter of a Craig miner shares hope for the town’s adaptability and economic survival in an ever-changing world.

The county commissioner

We meet a county official who describes the challenges of losing 45% of their tax base as the coal mine and plant are shut down.

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