DEEPWATER HORIZON: A decade after the Deepwater Horizon explosion and oil spill, BP-funded recovery programs on the Gulf Coast are slow moving and the oil and gas industry is still a big employer. (The Guardian)

• Coastal fishing communities hit hard from the BP oil spill are still struggling to make a living 10 years later, and residents are still dealing with health effects. (Houston Chronicle, HuffPost)
• The oil and gas industry says it’s better prepared to respond to a similar event, but critics want stronger regulation, and bipartisan Florida legislators say offshore drilling is still a threat. (NPR, Florida Politics)

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• The coronavirus pandemic is accelerating the decline of the coal industry, which was already struggling with bankruptcies and layoffs. (Associated Press)
• Appalachian coal miners with black lung disease worry about their safety during the coronavirus pandemic. (The Guardian)

• The oil and gas industry is forging ahead with new drilling and pipeline projects in Texas, West Virginia and elsewhere, despite the pandemic. (HuffPost)
• Texas’ governor puts oil and gas executives and other corporate leaders in charge of helping the state restart its economy during the pandemic. (Texas Observer)

WIND: Texas led the country in wind power additions in 2019, installing a record 3,938 MW, according to an industry report. (Crossroads Today) 

CLIMATE: Some Florida environmentalists and researchers say COVID-19 is a warning that Earth is not so resilient and will see similar consequences from climate change. (Orlando Sentinel)

• Two clean energy experts say additional coronavirus stimulus packages should focus on areas where new jobs can be created, like clean energy infrastructure, clean transportation and energy efficiency. (Energy News Network)
• The Atlantic Coast Pipeline is becoming riskier every day and won’t spur economic development or save customers money, says a former utility worker. (Virginia Mercury)
• Many solar projects are on hold because of the pandemic, but there is still hope for Georgia’s solar energy future, an editorial board says. (Augusta Chronicle)
• The economic and environmental effects of the BP oil spill are still with Louisiana, an editorial board says. (The Advocate)

Lyndsey Gilpin is a freelance journalist based in her hometown of Louisville, Kentucky. She compiles the Southeast Energy News daily email digest. Lyndsey is the publisher of Southerly, a weekly newsletter about ecology, justice, and culture in the American South. She is on the board of directors for the Society of Environmental Journalists.