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Agreement would extend tax credits for wind, biodiesel

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POLICY: The U.S. House is expected to vote today on an agreement struck between Republicans and Democrats extending tax credits for biodiesel and wind energy. (Houston Chronicle)

• Goldman Sachs will no longer finance oil drilling or exploration in the Arctic and will not invest in new thermal coal mines globally. (The Guardian)
• The bank also plans to invest $750 billion over the next decade to fight climate change. (The Hill)
U.S. Rep. Debbie Dingell of Michigan introduces a House version of a bill to create a National Climate Bank that could mobilize up to $1 trillion in investment over a decade. (Utility Dive)

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The 2018 blowout of a natural gas well in eastern Ohio leaked more methane in 20 days than all but three European nations emit over a year, satellite monitoring finds. (Washington Post)
• Pennsylvania environmental officials say there is a likely correlation between fracking and a series of minor earthquakes in the western part of the state earlier this year. (Wellston Journal)

Faith-based groups emerge as a key player in helping advance community solar projects. (NPR)
• China’s near-dominance of global solar manufacturing leaves open questions about the U.S.’s role in the market. (E&E News, subscription)
Controversies continue around California’s landmark home solar requirement for 2020 with two weeks left for builders to prepare. (Greentech Media)
Solar installation companies are struggling to find qualified technicians in Texas and need to offer more training or better pay, according to a report by a solar group and research firm. (Houston Chronicle)

CLIMATE: Young climate activists warn of increasing “youth-washing” from large fossil fuel companies attempting to make inroads with a growing movement. (The Intercept) 

North Dakota officials will work with the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe on a spill response plan for the Dakota Access pipeline. (Associated Press)
Dominion Energy says it’s confident the Atlantic Coast Pipeline will be finished by early 2022 after Morgan Stanley predicts the Supreme Court will stop the project. (Reuters)

DEMAND RESPONSE: The growth of smart meters reflects the simultaneous rise in demand response programs, according to a new report by federal regulators. (Utility Dive)

COAL: Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) says there’s bipartisan agreement on a bill to secure coal miners’ healthcare and pensions; a vote is expected this week. (WV Metro News)

POLITICS: A U.S. Senate candidate in Colorado releases a striking advertisement depicting an apocalyptic future in the absence of climate action. (Common Dreams)

A cold winter and hot summer caused Minnesota’s greenhouse gas emissions to ramp up last year after the state made gains through clean energy and fuel efficiency. (Energy News Network)
• The U.S. EPA downgrades Colorado from a “moderate” to a “serious” violator of federal air quality standards and gives the state until 2021 to come into compliance. (Colorado Independent)
• U.S. House Democrats are set to unveil a bill today tackling greenhouse gas emissions from drilling, mining, and other activities on public lands. (Reuters)
• The Environmental Defense Fund will launch a satellite that monitors methane emissions from oil and gas facilities worldwide. (Yale Climate Connections) 

UTILITIES: PG&E is at a crossroads in the wake of California Gov. Gavin Newsom’s rejection of its latest bankruptcy plan and will struggle to meet some of Newsom’s demands, experts say. (San Francisco Chronicle, Greentech Media)

TRANSPORTATION: Conservative groups and fossil fuel advocates have geared up opposition to a regional effort to reduce transportation emissions, which is expected to release a draft proposal today. (ecoRI)

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CLEAN ENERGY: Eight states have new governors who have pledged to achieve 100% clean energy since taking office in January. (Daily Energy Insider)

COMMENTARY: Utilities and advocacy groups are launching a coordinated campaign in support of proposed changes to the Public Utility Regulatory Policies Act, which critics say could stifle independent renewable energy, a watchdog group says. (Energy and Policy Institute)

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