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Analysis: Largest U.S. banks are lending to coal companies again

COAL: The nation’s largest banks are lending to coal companies again now that they’re out of bankruptcy, an environmental group’s analysis shows. (New York Times)

• China considers buying more U.S. coal to make up for its trade deficit. (Bloomberg)
• Ohio shifts money from a coal mine reclamation fund at a time when the risk of unexpected closures is rising. (Midwest Energy News)
• Virginia lawmakers and coal industry executives praise Gov. Ralph Northam’s revival of a tax credit for certain coal producers. (Associated Press)

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Houston-based Halliburton signs a three-year contract with Saudi Aramco to increase Saudi Arabia’s shale oil production. (New York Times)
Energy ministers for Russia and Saudi Arabia say they may increase oil output following pressure from President Trump, which could lower gas prices in the United States. (The Hill)
New Jersey is leading the resistance to the Trump administration’s push for offshore drilling. (Washington Post)

Emails show senior EPA officials collaborated with the Heartland Institute — a conservative group known for rejecting climate science — to find scientists and economists for an annual hearing on science standards. (Associated Press)
A judge asks five oil companies being sued over climate change to submit internal documents and briefs on whether the court must weigh the benefits of fossil fuels against the damage they cause. (Vox)

CARBON CAPTURE: The Trump administration and Congress encourage the development of carbon capture, but utilities are wary of investing in the expensive technology. (Utility Dive)

The current Congress may be the most divided in history on environmental issues, according to a recent analysis. (Quartz)
An energy lobbyist for bankrupt FirstEnergy pushes the Trump administration to use a so-called 202 order to secure a coal and nuclear bailout worth billions of dollars. (Associated Press)

GEOTHERMAL: Lava from a volcanic eruption on Hawaii’s Big Island oozed over two plugged wells at a geothermal power plant, but no dangerous gases were released. (Associated Press)

WIND: Texas regulators give final approval to Xcel Energy’s 478 MW wind farm to be built in the state’s panhandle. (RTO Insider)

ELECTRIC CARS: Two Denver men attempt to break a world record by driving a Tesla Model 3 almost 600 miles on a single charge. (Denver Post)

South Carolina sues the federal government after the Energy Department said it would stop construction of a plant to turn nuclear weapons into fuel for nuclear reactors. (Associated Press)
How 60 years of nuclear power has left the United States with a trillion-dollar cleanup problem. (The Atlantic)

EFFICIENCY: Critics raise questions over whether a federal tax break for energy efficiency disproportionately benefits consulting firms that handle the paperwork. (New York Times)

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Arnold Schwarzenegger criticizes EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt for his ties to the oil and gas industry, calling him “the worst Environmental secretary that we have ever had.” (The Hill)
Pruitt spent nearly $3.5 million on security during his first year as EPA administrator, compared to $1.6 million for former administrator Gina McCarthy during her final year, according to an agency breakdown. (The Hill)

COMMENTARY: Momentum is finally gathering for offshore wind in the U.S., writes Vox’s David Roberts.

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