RUSSIA: President Biden has so far resisted speculation on how Russia’s invasion of Ukraine might affect the U.S. clean energy transition even as other Democrats suggest cutting off Russian oil could jumpstart decarbonization. (E&E News)

• U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken says the United States and its European allies are considering a joint ban on Russian oil imports. (Axios)
• The U.S. is reportedly considering softening sanctions on Venezuelan oil exports as it considers a Russian import ban. (Washington Post)

HYDROGEN: The U.S. saw private investments to develop 8 GW of hydrogen-compatible power turbines in 2021, putting it on track to be a leader in the hydrogen industry but not enough to surpass natural gas anytime soon. (Utility Dive)

• While U.S. power plants have slashed mercury emissions over the past decade, North Dakota’s coal fleet continues to emit a disproportionate share. (Inforum)
• Two oil and gas industry groups seek to pause enforcement of a new federal rule requiring companies to better monitor pipelines in sensitive coastal or shoreline areas. (Michigan Radio)
• State, industry, tribal and environmental advocates from North Dakota weigh in on the Biden administration’s plan to curb carbon emissions. (Bismarck Tribune)
• Environmentalists protest a Los Angeles suburb’s bid to build a $260 million, 93 MW natural gas power plant to provide backup during grid outages. (CNBC)

• An Ohio regulatory judge recuses himself from four cases involving FirstEnergy after documents reveal his involvement in crafting the nuclear and coal bailout law at the center of a corruption scandal, as well as responses to the utility’s scandal. (Eye on Ohio/Energy News Network)
Internal documents reveal how Atmos, the nation’s largest gas utility, is funding a Colorado anti-electrification group. (HuffPost)

CLIMATE: A new study finds communities of color face the greatest increase in emergency room visits for flood-borne illnesses during and after North Carolina hurricanes. (Inside Climate News)

ELECTRIC VEHICLES: Arkansas turns toward electric vehicles as auto manufacturers Envirotech Vehicles and Canoo both announce plans for factories in the state, while the governor looks for more ways to accelerate EV adoption. (Arkansas Business)

BIOGAS: U.S. gas utilities plan to connect a growing amount of renewable natural gas supplies to their distribution networks this year as customer demand increases. (S&P Global)

• A law professor and law student discuss the Securities and Exchange Commissions’ proposal to mandate U.S.-listed companies reveal their climate impacts and how it will affect investors. (Conversation)
• Cutting off Russian fossil fuel imports would cause “swift and devastating” damages to Russia while hardly affecting U.S. energy costs, an economist and a former adviser to Ukraine’s president write. (Los Angeles Times)
• Consumer advocates outline how to save money and find a reliable contractor to install a rooftop solar array. (Washington Post)

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