COURTS: The Supreme Court begins hearing arguments today in a high-stakes case for President Biden’s climate agenda that will determine the EPA’s authority to regulate power plant emissions. (New York Times)

• President Biden’s nomination of Ketanji Brown Jackson to the Supreme Court could affect a case regarding the social cost of carbon that she’s currently weighing on a federal court. (E&E News)
• Ketanji Brown Jackson hasn’t made her views clear on climate change yet, but green groups so far favor her confirmation. (E&E News, Grist)
• Republican-led states invoke a seldom-used judicial principle to preemptively fight the Biden administration’s climate agenda, arguing the issue is essentially too big for the president to handle alone. (Inside Climate News)

• The United Nations’ climate change panel predicts parts of Earth will quickly become uninhabitable due to extreme heat and flooding if the world ignores its “brief and rapidly closing window” to curb emissions. (Washington Post)
• The report from the U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change also encourages climate adaptation for areas most at risk. (E&E News) 

• Security experts say ramping up clean energy, not oil and gas production, will help the U.S. reduce its dependence on Russia. (Los Angeles Times)
• The U.S. oil industry uses Russia’s invasion of Ukraine to lobby for expanded oil and gas leasing and accelerated permitting for projects. (New York Times)
BP announces it will divest its 20% stake in a Russian state-owned oil firm in response to the country’s “acts of aggression” in Ukraine. (The Hill)

The federal government announced Friday that the auction for offshore wind parcels off New Jersey and Long Island’s coasts raised a record $4.37 billion from six companies. (CNBC)
The federal Bureau of Land Management rejects the Walker Ridge wind project proposed adjacent to a northern California national monument, citing potential resource conflicts. (Lake County News)

Nevada regulators issue final environmental permits to the developers of the Thacker Pass lithium mine, but permits from other agencies and an environmentalist lawsuit are still pending. (Reno Gazette Journal)
California’s Salton Sea residents say they are concerned about proposed lithium extraction projects’ potential effects on public health and the environment. (KESQ)

EQUITY: The president of the Ohio Legislative Black Caucus says its energy agenda includes reforming the electric ratemaking process to benefit all Ohioans and especially low-income residents. (Energy News Network)

ELECTRIC VEHICLES: Ohio-based electric vehicle startup Lordstown Motors plans to sell its first 500 electric pickup trucks this year followed by a five-fold increase in 2023. (Reuters)

HEATING: A reporter digs into the story of the little-known and often-misidentified Alice Parker, a Black woman who patented an innovative natural gas home heating system a century ago. (Energy News Network)

COMMENTARY: An Indigenous legal scholar in Minnesota says President Biden’s early cancellation of permits for the Keystone XL pipeline is part of his ongoing support for tribes. (Star Tribune)

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