OIL & GAS: California’s Santa Barbara County rejects ExxonMobil’s plan to truck oil on coastal highways while it replaces an offshore drilling pipeline that ruptured in 2015. (Associated Press)

California Gov. Gavin Newsom proposes a tax rebate to offset high gasoline prices but rejects calls to increase drilling, saying it “only leads to more extreme weather, more extreme drought, more wildfire.” (Desert Sun)   
The U.S. EPA fines Hilcorp Alaska $180,580 for failing to inspect for and fix methane leaks, among dozens of other violations at its North Slope and Cook Inlet oil and gas facilities. (Anchorage Daily News)

Oregon’s energy department offers $12 million to local governments, tribes and utilities for community renewable energy projects such as installing electric vehicle chargers, solar panels on public buildings and energy storage systems. (Oregon Capital Chronicle)
The Pacific Northwest National Laboratory in Washington state opens its Energy Sciences Center to research clean energy and develop ways to decarbonize the economy. (KNDU)

The Sauk-Suiattle Indian Tribe sues Seattle on behalf of salmon, saying the city utility’s Skagit River hydroelectric dams harm the fish. (Guardian)
A Northwest advocacy group calls for the removal of four Lower Snake River hydroelectric dams in Washington state and to begin planning to replace lost generation with renewable energy. (NW News)

California air quality officials consider boosting electric vehicle goals by requiring 68% zero-emissions electric vehicle sales by 2030 — as opposed to the current goal of 61% — and 100% by 2035. (Reuters)
A startup and research center plan to launch an in-road electric vehicle charger demonstration project in Utah this summer. (NGT News)
An Oregon utility awards $800,000 in carbon credit sale proceeds to a community college, a gas station and an advocacy group to install electric vehicle charging infrastructure. (Oregon Capital Chronicle) 

UTILITIES: Hawaii Electric officials warn customers to expect utility bills to increase by as much as 20% in coming months since a large share of the state’s electricity is generated by burning increasingly expensive oil. (Hawaii Tribune-Herald) 

CLIMATE: Colorado regulators put off new rules requiring large manufacturers to cut greenhouse gas emissions until next year. (Colorado Sun)

BIOFUEL: A northern California county considers building a biomass power plant fueled by wood from forest thinning projects. (news release)

COMMENTARY: The Ukraine situation underscores the danger of America’s reliance on fossil fuels, an editorial board argues, calling on federal leaders to respond with a transition to clean energy.  (Los Angeles Times)

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