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California governor calls Trump plan ‘a declaration of war’

COAL: California Governor Jerry Brown calls the Trump rollback of the Clean Power Plan “a declaration of war against America and all of humanity.” (CNBC)

• A news analysis notes that the EPA’s declaration against “top-down, one size fits all mandates” is contrary to the justification used to limit California’s authority to set automobile emissions standards. (Los Angeles Times)
• The federal rollback of restrictions on coal plant emissions likely won’t impact the Northwest where states are already transitioning to cleaner energy, local officials say. (Seattle Times)

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• A Colorado army base will become the recipient of the largest standalone commercial battery system ever installed at a U.S. military base. (news release)
• A California committee votes to extend a subsidy for energy storage. (PV Magazine)

• A Canadian company is betting that a remote desert in Utah will become the next hot energy patch due to its enormous untapped deposit of oil sands. (New York Times)
• Los Angeles city officials attempt to block the reopening of a oil and gas site near the University of Southern California. (Los Angeles Times)
• California Governor Jerry Brown’s soft approach to oil and gas issues threatens his legacy on climate change, environmentalists say. (Newsweek/Capital & Main)
• A northern Colorado city approves a plan to extend buffers between oil and gas wells and homes, schools and other buildings. (The Coloradoan)

• Both opponents and supporters of an Arizona clean energy initiative have raised $20 million to make their case to voters, the latest finance reports show. (Capitol Media Services)
• A Congressman from New Mexico lays out his vision for a clean energy future, a plan that could move the state closer to its goal of eventually getting all of its energy from renewable sources. (Greentech Media)

GEOTHERMAL: As the California legislative session winds down, renewable energy companies rally behind a bill that would require utilities to buy more geothermal energy. (Palm Springs Desert Sun)

• The National Renewable Energy Lab in Colorado is testing technology created by a California startup that slashes peak demand needed to run electric vehicle charging stations. (Greentech Media)
• Sales of electric and hybrid cars now account for six percent of the new car market in California. (San Francisco Chronicle)

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SOLAR: Oregon leaders are questioning why a state agency would loan a troubled solar company millions of dollars. (The Oregonian)

COMMENTARY: Trump’s plan for coal plants is “another step down the road to air laden with carbon, particulates and smog-breeding pollutants after decades of progress,” says the editorial board of the Los Angeles Times.

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