CLEAN ENERGY: U.S. cities bought a record amount of renewable energy in 2020 as they followed through on climate pledges, many made in response to former President Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris Agreement. (Energy News Network)

A clean energy standard with a goal of 100% carbon-free electricity by 2035 is at the center of President Joe Biden’s $2.25 trillion infrastructure plan — something utilities may favor over a patchwork of state standards. (Washington Post)
The Pentagon is reportedly developing a clean energy plan of its own, including potentially mandating all non-combat vehicles be electric by 2030 and transitioning planes and ships off of fossil fuels. (Politico)

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President Biden’s infrastructure plan “is a good start,” climate advocates say, but the U.S. needs a far bigger investment to come out of COVID-19’s economic crisis “with a reimagined society.” (Politico)
A coalition of 145 climate advocacy groups call on climate envoy John Kerry to push Wall Street to divest from fossil fuels and forest risk commodities. (The Hill)

OVERSIGHT: EPA head Michael Regan will replace 40 Trump administration appointees to the agency’s science and clean air advisory boards. (The Hill)

The White House’s infrastructure plan proposes $16 billion to clean up oil and gas wells and coal mines, but it’s unclear if that money will go to states’ plugging efforts or a new federal program. (E&E News, subscription)
The 13 Republican attorneys general suing to block the Biden administration’s oil and gas leasing permit pause ask a federal court to immediately halt the mandate. (E&E News, subscription)

PIPELINES: A Michigan tribe seeks a federal designation of cultural significance to an area of the Straits of Mackinac that, if successful, could complicate Enbridge’s efforts to build a tunnel for Line 5 there. (Energy News Network)

OFFSHORE WIND: Governors of northeastern states have hinged their state’s climate goals on a future full of offshore wind — and need federal follow-through to support the nascent American industry. (Politico)

SOLAR: Republican senators co-sponsor a bill to ban using federal funds to buy solar panels or related equipment from China. (PV Magazine)

EFFICIENCY: The Department of Energy proposes reversing the Trump administration’s rollback of energy efficiency standards for household appliances. (E&E News, subscription)

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BIOFUELS: The White House reportedly tells the EPA to study whether using renewable fuels to power EV charging should generate biofuel credits, laying out a potential new revenue stream for the industry. (Reuters)

• President Biden should take a lesson from U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s failed “build back better” economic stimulus package, which “may have killed more jobs than it spurred,” a reporter writes. (Grist)
• Researchers develop a new method of growing nutrient-rich giant kelp and recommend utilizing it to make biofuel. (The Conversation)