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Colorado governor unveils plan to boost electric vehicles

ELECTRIC VEHICLES: Colorado’s governor issues a sweeping executive order aimed at getting more electric vehicles on the road. (Colorado Sun)

• PG&E’s bankruptcy could be devastating for clean energy developers doing business with the utility. (New York Times)
• A federal judge in San Francisco overseeing PG&E’s criminal probation from a 2010 case determines many of the locations of the utility’s power lines were conducive to fires. (San Francisco Chronicle)

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• The latest campaign reports show that the parent company of Arizona’s largest utility spent $37.9 million to defeat a clean energy initiative. (Arizona Republic)
• A bill that would phase out coal in Washington by 2025 draws a mixed reception during a state senate hearing. (Spokane Public Radio)
• Meanwhile, former California Gov. Jerry Brown visits Washington to rally support for Gov. Jay Inslee’s plan to fight climate change. (Seattle Times)

UTILITIES: A Colorado power provider files a legal complaint to stop state regulators from intervening in a case brought by a local co-op that wants out of its contract with the coal-heavy utility. (Denver Post)

COAL: A Colorado coal company asks a bankruptcy judge for permission to stop paying retirement benefits to its former workers in Wyoming. (Casper Star Tribune)

WIND: Wyoming lawmakers are set to consider another proposal to raise taxes on the state’s wind industry. (North American Windpower)

• With a colder winter than normal bearing down on southern California, a local gas provider plans to draw natural gas from a facility that experienced a massive leak in 2015 prompting a neighborhood evacuation. (Reuters)
• New Mexico is getting a much bigger cut in taxes on oil and gas production than other states in the region, according to a new study. (KOB)

RESEARCH: New research suggests drilling caused earthquakes in the Los Angeles area in 1930’s and that the region might be more geologically stable than previously thought. (Los Angeles Times)

• If Wyoming loses its mule deer herds for quick oil and gas profits, the state will lose part of its identity too, says a local conservation advocate. (High Country News/Ensia)
• With the election of its new governor, the time is now for New Mexico to take the lead on clean energy, says an energy analyst. (Union of Concerned Scientists)  
• If Congress rejects the Green New Deal, California should take the lead in fleshing out the plan on a local level, an author writes. (Los Angeles Times)

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