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Citizens sue to block Illinois fracking regulations

CLIMATE: The U.S.-China climate accord could be a sign that climate change will play a larger role in the 2016 presidential election. (New York Times)

ALSO: Scientists say the deal is a good start but won’t have a major impact on its own, and Sen. James Inhofe has a theory about the agreement. (Associated Press, New Republic)

FRACKING: A citizens’ group in Illinois sues to prevent fracking rules from taking effect. (Chicago Tribune)

TRANSMISSION: The developer of the Clean Line transmission projects says the idea that they would carry coal power is “technically feasible but economically nonsensical.” (EnergyWire)

SOLAR: A report says the solar industry is becoming less transparent about the environmental impacts of its manufacturing processes, an Ohio solar plant is adding 120 workers to meet rising demand, and a new program aims to make solar more affordable in northwest Indiana. (National Geographic, Toledo Blade, Times of Northwest Indiana)

POLITICS: The federal loan program targeted by Republicans because of Solyndra’s bankruptcy is generating a return for taxpayers. (Reuters)

• Methods to test the volatility of North Dakota crude oil face further criticism. (Wall Street Journal)
• U.S. shale drillers are in a price war with Saudi Arabia. (Reuters)
• Developers of a proposed pipeline claim it will generate nearly $2 billion in economic impact in Iowa and South Dakota. (Sioux City Journal)
• Congress makes a move on Keystone XL. (Associated Press)
• Environmental advocates in Minnesota challenge a plan to increase pipeline capacity without federal review. (Minnesota Public Radio)

UTILITIES: Wisconsin Energy and Integrys work to settle shareholder lawsuits over their proposed merger. (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)

NUCLEAR: Federal regulators question FirstEnergy on the safety of an Ohio nuclear plant. (Toledo Blade)

CARS: Tesla opens a Supercharger station in Dayton, and Ford begins production of an aluminum-bodied F150 which is expected to have 20 percent better fuel economy than the current model. (Dayton Business Journal, Associated Press)

EFFICIENCY: Sioux Falls gives out energy efficiency kits to homeowners. (Sioux Falls Argus Leader)

COMMENTARY: Michael Levi explains the significance of the U.S.-China climate deal. (Council on Foreign Relations)

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