POLITICS: Energy provisions in the GOP presidential platform will include expanded drilling, approval of Keystone XL on “day one” of a Romney presidency, and blocking EPA regulation of carbon emissions. (The Hill)

ALSO: Ohio coal mine workers were told their attendance was mandatory at a Romney campaign event on August 14 also lost a day’s pay because their mine was shut down for the day. (Cleveland Plain Dealer)

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TRANSMISSION: Iowa’s utility board today will examine several transmission proposals aimed at easing wind-power bottlenecks throughout the state. (Midwest Energy News)

CLIMATE: Arctic sea ice hits a record low, and an MIT study finds a $20/ton carbon tax could generate $1.5 trillion in revenue for the U.S. over ten years. (Greenwire, The Hill)

FRACKING: Scientists weigh in on some of the misconceptions about fracking, and the U.S. Forest Service approves drilling in Ohio’s Wayne National Forest. (Science News, Associated Press)

TRANSPORTATION: Cargo ship builders experiment with sails, and Chrysler announces a full-size pickup rated at 25 mpg. (New York Times, Gas 2.0)

BIOFUELS: The debate over military spending on alternative fuel technology will be revived this fall. (New York Times)


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