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Norquist: Carbon tax ‘swap’ won’t violate tax pledge

MICHIGAN: With polls showing most Michiganders in favor of more renewable energy, why did a ballot measure to expand the state’s renewable energy standard fail? (Midwest Energy News)

OIL: The International Energy Agency projects the U.S. will overtake Saudi Arabia as the world’s top oil producer in five years. (New York Times)

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COAL: A study by the Union of Concerned Scientists finds 353 coal units in 31 states will likely retire over the next few years as they become uneconomical to run. (Reuters)

POLITICS: Influential conservative lobbyist Grover Norquist says a carbon tax “swap” with income taxes wouldn’t violate the no-tax pledge he’s prompted hundreds of GOP lawmakers to sign, giving them an opening to support the policy. (National Journal)

NUCLEAR: Among the issues facing Congress as the lame-duck session begins today: what to do about nuclear waste? (New York Times)

SOLAR: A city councilman in Rochester, Minnesota is sued by his homeowners association for installing solar panels without prior approval. (Rochester Post-Bulletin)

PIPELINES: Enbridge is being criticized for flying an American flag improperly at a work site on Veterans Day. (Detroit Free Press)

NATURAL GAS: Kwik Trip fights efforts by Wisconsin utilities to enter the compressed natural gas fueling market. (LaCrosse Tribune)

GERMANY: In the first installment of a six-part series, InsideClimate News takes a detailed look at Germany’s clean energy transformation and what the U.S. can learn from it.

TRANSPORTATION: A study finds price is still a major obstacle for potential electric vehicle buyers (New York Times), and a free webinar tomorrow sponsored by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency will explore best practices for establishing a workplace electric vehicle charging program.

SMART GRID: ComEd says it may appeal to the Illinois legislature to restore $100 million in revenue it says is needed for smart grid expansion. (Chicago Sun-Times)

EFFICIENCY: Sylvania unveils an LED bulb that emits light equivalent to a 100-watt incandescent. (New York Times)

COMMENTARY: Why we should tread cautiously connecting extreme weather events to the climate crisis, and why Obama’s re-election won’t necessarily help the renewable energy industry. (The Daily Climate, CNNMoney)

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