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Reports: EPA rules to have minimal impact on coal industry

SOLAR: While a Michigan utility says cost concerns are preventing it from expanding its solar program, a draft report from state regulators says it could do so without noticeably affecting electric rates. (Midwest Energy News)

ALSO: GM will add solar arrays to two facilities in Michigan, and a lawsuit seeks to preserve Missouri’s solar rebate program. (Automotive News, St. Louis Post-Dispatch)

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EPA: Monday’s Supreme Court ruling shows that EPA carbon regulations have so far been resilient to legal challenges. (Greenwire)

• A report finds U.S. coal demand will fall only 8 percent under EPA carbon rules. (SNL)
• Another analysis says demand for Illinois Basin coal will increase 42 percent by 2020. (Platts)
• The Prairie State plant in Illinois has a new safety department following a May accident that left one unit offline for a month. (Associated Press)
• Backers of a St. Louis anti-coal ballot initiative will appeal a judge’s decision removing it from the ballot. (St. Louis Post-Dispatch)
• What coal executives think about climate science. (SNL)

UTILITIES: The proposed merger of Wisconsin Energy and Integrys lacks the regulatory red flags that have scuttled similar deals in the past. (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)

• North Dakota seeks to double its pipeline capacity over the next two years. (Reuters)
• Nebraska landowners challenge Keystone XL in court. (Bloomberg)
• The U.S. House passes a bill to eliminate the need for a presidential permit for cross-border pipelines. (The Hill)
• Records show as many as 27 oil trains per week passing through Cook County, Illinois. (Associated Press)
• Iowa plans to alert the public about oil trains. (Cedar Rapids Gazette)

TECHNOLOGY: Illinois announces a $4.6 million fund to help clean-energy startups. (Chicago Tribune)

ELECTRIC CARS: Minnesota is among the top ten states for electric vehicle ownership, and Illinois EV owners will drive across the state to quell range anxiety. (Minneapolis Star Tribune, Chicago Tribune)

BIOFUELS: Minnesota will become the first state to require a 10 percent biodiesel blend. (Minnesota Farm Guide)

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WIND: How snowstorms may help Minnesota researchers improve wind farm efficiency. (Science 2.0)

COMMENTARY: Why climate rules won’t bring down Ohio’s economy. (Cleveland Plain Dealer)

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