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U.S. on track to surpass Saudi Arabia as top oil producer

OIL: The U.S. is on track to surpass Saudi Arabia as the world’s largest oil producer, and demand for electricity is expected to triple in North Dakota’s oil patch. (Associated Press, Dickinson Press)

GET SMART: Some energy experts say a disproportionate amount of attention and resources have been given to smart meters and argue that the term “smart grid” is a misnomer for such systems. (Midwest Energy News)

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MICHIGAN: A forum in Muskegon shows the debate over Proposal 3 is less about renewable energy and more about the use of a constitutional amendment to establish energy policy. (MLive.com)

NUCLEAR: Xcel Energy backs off a plan to spend $237 million upgrading a Minnesota nuclear plant, instead opting to cut costs by using larger fuel rods which require replacement less frequently. (Minneapolis Star Tribune)

ALSO: FirstEnergy completes a $6 million emergency response center for the Davis-Besse nuclear plant in Ohio. (Toledo Blade)

CLIMATE: The PBS documentary program Frontline explores the campaign to sow doubt about climate science, and scientist Michael Mann is suing two organizations for defamation after they accused him of academic fraud. (PBS, Scientific American)

NATURAL GAS: City officials in Holland, Michigan say the city’s coal plant site may not be the preferred location for a new natural gas plant. (MLive.com)

EFFICIENCY: A Minnesota entrepreneur develops high-efficiency lighting systems for large-scale applications, and Ameren will give Carbondale, Illinois, a “Most Progressive City” award for energy savings. (BringMeTheNews, Carbondale Southern)

HYDRO: Nebraska’s public utility will study adding more hydropower to its generating portfolio. (Columbus Telegram)

TRANSPORTATION: A Canadian study finds dedicated bicycle infrastructure dramatically reduces injuries. (The Atlantic)

COMMENTARY: Why climate change is absent from this year’s presidential campaign. (Time)

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