FLORIDA: The state Supreme Court has rejected a last-minute bid by solar advocates to invalidate Amendment 1. (Miami Herald)

• By this count, 27 newspapers have editorialized against Amendment 1. (Floridians for Solar Choice)
• The union representing the state’s professional firefighters withdraws its endorsement of Amendment 1 and demands the utilities’ campaign pull its TV ads featuring them. (Miami Herald)
• In the final full week of spending, the utility-backed campaign spent $4.3 million boosting its total through Nov. 4 to $25.4 million. (SaintPetersBlog)
• The Amendment 1 campaign has received $4.4 million in donations from three non-profits utilities have contributed money to. (Florida Bulldog)

• How North Carolina’s coal ash law could make it tougher to recycle the material into concrete. (Southeast Energy News)
• A letter from the EPA rebuts statements from the TVA claiming the agency had signed off on plans to cap coal ash ponds. (Southeast Energy News)

ELECTRIC VEHICLES: Duke Energy agrees to buy electric pickup trucks in 2018. (Wall Street Journal)

WIND: GE’s signing on as a supplier to the Clean Line transmission project boosts prospects for the multi-state bid to get wind-generated power to Southeast states. (CleanTechnica)

SOLAR: Two Kentucky utilities planning a community solar project face opposition over aesthetics as well as the proposed charges for participants. (Louisville Courier-Journal)

COAL: The start date for the Kemper “clean coal” plant is pushed out again, this time to the end of December, threatening a $250 million federal tax credit. (Associated Press)

• Colonial restarts its primary gas pipeline segment in Alabama. (Alabama Media Group)
• Virginia regulators push for $11 million in fines against Virginia Natural Gas over several violations along the state’s Peninsula. (Daily Press)
• Last week’s deadly explosion of a Colonial gasoline pipeline in Alabama had only a muted effect on gasoline prices in several Southeast states. (CNBC)
• The National Transportation Safety Board says it will investigate the latest Colonial Pipeline explosion. (ThinkProgress)
• Protesters camp out in Florida to slow construction of the Sabal Trail pipeline. (The Gainesville Sun)
• Virginians make personal appeals against the Atlantic Coast Pipeline. (Nelson County Times)

• Will Florida voters be duped into killing solar power over Amendment 1? (The Nation)
• Do we need more nuclear power plants? (Johnson City Press)
• Florida’s utilities are using people of color as a political prop against solar. (Huffington Post)
• Approving Florida’s solar Amendment 1 puts homeowners and business even more at the mercy of monopoly utilities. (Huffington Post)

CORRECTION: Last Friday’s email digest incorrectly attributed this commentary about coal ash in Alabama. The author is Amelia Shenstone, who directs the coal program for the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy.

Jim Pierobon, a policy, marketing and social media strategist, was a founding contributor to Southeast Energy News. He passed away after a long battle with pancreatic cancer in 2018.

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