A coalition of environmental groups is seeking to defend new federal regulations for fracking on public lands in federal court. (EnergyWire)
A Virginia advisory panel has recommended that energy companies disclose the chemical ingredients they use in fracking. (Associated Press)

The head of the United Mine Workers of America said his union will sue the EPA over two proposed rules limiting greenhouse gas emissions from power plants once the regulations are finalized. (The Hill)
The EPA expects 49 states to submit plans for implementing proposed new limits on greenhouse gas emissions from existing power plants. (InsideClimate News)

AIRLINE EMISSIONS: The EPA appears likely to defer to the International Civil Aviation Organization to set global limits for airplane emissions, but green groups want the U.S. to set a higher bar. (The Hill)

RANKINGS: For the sixth straight year, California has come out on top in an index of U.S. clean-tech activity released Tuesday, while Massachusetts, Oregon, Colorado and New York rounded out the top five. (

STORAGE: Massachusetts has launched a $10 million initiative to examine how energy storage can benefit the state and what regulatory changes will be necessary to facilitate its growth. (UtilityDive)

While California electric-car buyers can choose among roughly two dozen different battery-electric and plug-in hybrid offerings, just a handful are available outside the state. (Green Car Reports)
Minnesota’s largest energy cooperative announced Wednesday that electric vehicle owners in its territory can use wind power to offset the electricity used to charge their cars at no additional cost. (Midwest Energy News)

ENERGY USE: People generally are inaccurate in estimating how much energy they use in different areas of their lives, according to a new study. (The Washington Post)

SUBSIDIES: Responding to a story in the Los Angeles Times, Elon Musk said his companies don’t need the estimated $4.9 billion in government support they enjoy, but the money will help them speed the world’s transition to clean energy. (Los Angeles Times)

Corrosion had eaten away nearly half of the metal wall of a pipeline that ruptured and spilled some 100,000 gallons of crude oil along the California coast last month, federal regulators said Wednesday. (Los Angeles Times)
A commercial fisherman is suing the Texas owner of a pipeline that spilled crude along California’s coast in May, claiming the spill damaged commercial fishing and other businesses. (Los Angeles Times)

WOOD PELLETS: An analysis released Tuesday presents more evidence that cutting southern U.S forests to feed Europe’s appetite for wood pellets could lead to more carbon pollution for decades to come. (The Washington Post)

NEW YORK: New York state’s energy research branch wants to set aside $1.5 billion for large-scale renewable energy projects over the next decade. (Binghamton Press & Sun Bulletin)

CALIFORNIA: California state senators approved legislation Wednesday setting tougher targets for generating renewable energy, reducing gasoline use and increasing energy efficiency in buildings. (Los Angeles Times)

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