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Hearings begin for massive Ohio solar project

SOLAR: State regulators start hearings on AEP’s plan to build two solar projects in southern Ohio totaling 400 MW, which could be a “huge leap forward for renewables” in the state. (Dayton Daily News, E&E News, subscription)

• Solar advocates tell Iowa lawmakers that the industry is poised for growth there. (WHO-TV)
• Local officials in eastern and northeastern Illinois reject plans for community solar projects based on land-use concerns. (Danville Commercial-News, Herscher Pilot)
• A team of Michigan State University students unveil their latest design for a solar-powered race car at the Detroit auto show. (WNEM)

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• Six years after the celebrated closure of a Chicago coal plant, nearby residents are unhappy with redevelopment plans that may allow diesel-fueled peaker plants to continue operating there. (Energy News Network)
• The CEO of Murray Energy refuses in court to read a statement to his miners admitting that he interfered with their rights to anonymously report safety hazards. (E&E News, subscription)

GRID: Solar-plus-storage could allow more Illinois utility customers to participate in demand response programs, though the details of how that works are complicated. (Energy News Network)

• Wind power is quickly challenging coal as the primary generation source in Kansas. (KCUR)
• A regional planning commission votes against recommending plans for a $300 million wind project in central Illinois. (Bloomington Pantagraph)

BIOFUELS: The U.S. EPA says it will complete a rule allowing for year-round sales of E15 ethanol, with pressure growing to do so by summer. (WHO-TV, E&E News, subscription)

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• General Motors says its electric vehicle offerings will include models from Cadillac, Buick and Chevrolet. (Detroit Free Press)
• Ford and Volkswagen announce a partnership the companies hope will “lead to a union to produce electric and self-driving vehicles.” (E&E News, subscription)

• The lack of voter concern over Wisconsin energy policy shows as utilities and their supportive regulators make decisions that reduce customer choice, a renewable energy advocate says. (Energy News Network)
• The former Democratic governor of Minnesota and Republican governor of Michigan found common cause in energy efficiency, advocates say. (Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance)

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