U.S. Energy News

How a coal company built its business around federal loopholes

• How the nation’s third-largest coal company takes advantage of federal loopholes. (ClimateProgress)
• Coal companies seeking Chapter 11 “restructuring” are facing a lot of scrutiny from investors and judges for how their businesses can survive in the future. (EnergyWire)

• It will be extraordinary difficult for a future president hostile to environmental regulation to undo the Clean Power Plan, says EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy. (The Hill)
• Some utilities are warning of risks the Clean Power Plan poses to grid reliability. (Politico)

EMISSIONS: A new study shows that emission reductions in the western U.S. are being offset by those coming from China and the upper atmosphere, suggesting the need for global pollution-reduction goals. (Greenwire)

• Legal staff for Nevada’s PUC recommend against extending a net metering program at the request of solar installers. (Las Vegas Review-Journal)
• Market analysts say 2015 will be the “tipping point” for community solar, as steady growth is projected and utilities catch on to the business model. (UtilityDive)
• How states can prevent costly interconnection delays for solar projects. (CleanTechnica)

WIND: Wind is rapidly eroding coal’s share of Iowa’s energy mix. (SNL)

UTILITIES: A study finds having a municipal utility can make it easier for cities to advance climate goals. (Phys.org)

OIL: Oil prices are at their lowest point in six years. (Associated Press)

FRACKING: A report finds as many as 4,000 new fracking wells could be drilled in New York and Pennsylvania if current moratoriums are lifted. (Bucks County Courier Times)

BIOENERGY: The EPA estimates biodigesters last year eliminated 3 million tons of greenhouse gas emissions. (AFP)

BIOFUELS: $63 million in newly announced federal loans and grants will benefit rural biofuel producers. (Biodiesel Magazine)

HYDROPOWER: Hydro production in the Northwest is down 35 percent compared to last year. (SNL)

MEDIA: How Jon Stewart used comedy to fight climate change denial. (ClimateWire)

• Why misleading Americans on climate change is dangerous. (New York Times)
• The untold story behind the Clean Power Plan. (Huffington Post)

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