HYDROGEN: Interest in hydrogen, including the fossil fuel-produced variety, is surging to the point that it could threaten support for cleaner energy sources, a report from environmental legal group Earthjustice finds. (Canary Media)

CLEAN ENERGY: Following complaints from wind and solar developers, the Biden administration begins examining reforms to make federal land leases cheaper for clean energy deployment. (Reuters)

• Wind power sets a growth record in 2020, adding nearly 17,000 MW on land and accounting for 42% of all new power capacity in 2020. (Bloomberg)
• Federal officials plan to soon start an environmental review of Sunrise Wind, an up to 1.3 GW wind farm proposed to be built off the coast of Long Island, New York. (Newsday)

ENVIRONMENTAL JUSTICE: The Biden administration announces it’s creating an Office of Climate Change and Health Equity meant to tackle how fossil fuel emissions disproportionately affect low-income and minority communities. (New York Times)

POLITICS: A group of more than 50 House Democrats call on party leaders to include a repeal of fossil fuel subsidies in their $3.5 trillion budget reconciliation bill. (The Hill)

NUCLEAR: While the Biden administration has boosted funding for next-generation nuclear energy development, industry experts say that investment doesn’t do enough to build out a supply chain for the fuel these advanced reactors run on. (Utility Dive)

• Hurricane Ida swamps Louisiana and Mississippi, stranding residents in floodwaters and knocking out power that could take weeks to restore. (Associated Press)
• Texas wholesale power seller Griddy reaches a settlement with Texas that will save customers from paying outstanding, sky-high electric bills they received after February’s winter storm. (ABC News, CBS News)

• Hurricane Ida hit the Gulf Coast oil and gas industry, with 75% of Louisiana refining and nearly 95% of offshore oil production still offline on Monday, and flooding and outages delaying damage assessment. (S&P Global, Reuters)
• Dozens of Minnesota Democratic lawmakers call on President Biden to intervene and recognize treaty rights in the dispute over the Line 3 pipeline. (Star Tribune)
• Opponents of National Grid’s North Brooklyn natural gas pipeline file a lawsuit alleging the project violates residents’ civil rights as it runs through communities of color, and that the utility deceived them about the extent of the project. (The City)

EMISSIONS: A Missouri activist wants state regulators to require gas companies to pinpoint and map methane leaks within their systems, though the utilities are pushing back. (Energy News Network)

ELECTRIC VEHICLES: General Motors says it isn’t confident that its electric vehicle battery supplier, LG Chem, can produce defect-free batteries. (Detroit Free Press)

LITHIUM: A slew of proposed geothermal lithium extraction projects fuel hope for an economic revival in communities around California’s Salton Sea. (Associated Press) 

COMMENTARY: Nuclear power’s small land use footprint and safe track record compared to fossil fuels boost its viability as a clean power source, though its price and public opinion stand in the way of widespread adoption, a columnist writes. (New York Times)

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