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Industry says solar tariff could kill 2,000 jobs in Colorado

• The Trump administration’s recently announced tariff will make 2,000 jobs in Colorado disappear, solar industry officials say. (Denver Post)
• Solar company officials in New Mexico say the newly imposed tariff on imported solar cells will hurt the industry but they will survive. (Albuquerque Journal)

WIND: A new study rejects theories that wind energy in Texas contributes to localized warming. (Texas Standard)

• Tribal leaders and environmentalists are protesting the BLM’s plan to lease federal lands in northern New Mexico for oil and gas developments that critics say could harm cultural sites. (Associated Press)
• Emergency officials say five people are missing after a drilling rig exploded in Oklahoma. (Associated Press)
• As a plan to increase taxes on the oil and gas industry in Oklahoma gathers momentum, new industry-supported research indicates the current tax burden is on par with other oil producing states. (Daily Oklahoman)
• A plan to raise taxes on oil and gas companies and other industries to pay for a teacher pay raise Oklahoma draws a mixed response from gubernatorial candidates. (Daily Oklahoman)
• Fracking is using significantly more water than it once did in Texas, raising new concerns about how the state will survive future droughts. (San Antonio Express News)

PIPELINES: Officials with a Houston pipeline company say they’ve secured enough funding to start construction of a pipeline that will connect the Permian Basin oil field in West Texas to the crude export market in Corpus Christi. (Houston Chronicle)

GRID: A consumer group says Dallas-Fort Worth area residents can lower their electric bills if they shop Texas’s deregulated market. (Fort Worth Star-Telegram)

• While rural Colorado might not seem to be at the forefront of electric car use, new programs are helping residents try them out. (Mountain Town News)
• A new study from the National Renewable Energy Lab in Colorado finds that drivers who plug in their electric cars during times of high electricity demand might be harming the grid. (Nature)

AGRICULTURE: The Rural Energy Center helps Colorado farmers make decisions about solar power and other energy upgrades. (The Fence Post)

COMMENTARY: An Aspen columnist says the Colorado Energy Office has been hijacked by the oil and gas industry, threatening to impede the state’s progress on the renewable energy front. (Aspen Times)

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