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Kentucky’s net metering program survives legislative threat

NET METERING: Kentucky’s net metering program survives a legislative threat as the state’s legislature adjourns without passing a bill that would have let utilities pay less for power from solar customers. (Courier Journal)

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EVs: As North Carolina debates how to spend Volkswagen settlement funds, stakeholders agree the state should spend all it can to boost electric vehicle charging infrastructure. (Southeast Energy News)

NUCLEAR: A web of lawsuits looms and the fate of the South Carolina’s two largest utilities remain in the air a year after the state’s nuclear energy fiasco began. (Post & Courier)

WIND: A University of Virginia researcher leads new offshore wind technology research that could help deploy turbines in the South Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico. (Greentech Media)

SOLAR: Dominion Energy expands its “Solar for Students” program, which provides Virginia schools with solar panels to teach students about solar energy. (WTOP)

• Mountain Valley Pipeline protests escalate as tree-cutting continues on the route in West Virginia and Virginia. (Roanoke Times)
• Not everyone is protesting. Some West Virginia residents are excited about the economic opportunities from the pipeline. (WV News)

COAL ASH: As the effects of coal ash on public health become clearer, the Trump administration continues to roll back regulations. (Daily Beast)

OIL AND GAS: Louisiana’s oil and gas industry employed 44,580 people in 2017 and paid them $4.3 billion, according to an industry trade organization report. (The Advocate)

OFFSHORE DRILLING: A growing number of coastal state Republicans oppose the Trump administration’s offshore drilling plan. (PRI)

CLIMATE: Seven young people in Florida sue Gov. Rick Scott for refusing to take action on climate change. (Miami Herald)

• Republicans launch the “Mountain Families PAC” to prevent former coal executive Don Blankenship from winning the party’s Senate nomination in West Virginia. (Politico)
• South Carolina Republican Rep. Trey Gowdy presses the EPA for more information about Scott Pruitt’s possible ethical violations. (Associated Press)

• The North Carolina Supreme Court will debate state regulators’ decision to fine a clean energy group for charging a church below-market rates for solar panels. (Associated Press)
SCANA refuses to hold a conference call with investors for the second quarter in a row. (Post & Courier)

• Virginia is a step closer to taking strong action on climate change as it is moves forward with a cap-and-trade plan. (NRDC)
• After South Carolina utilities killed a bill to boost the solar industry, it’s clear they still run the state, a columnist argues. (Post & Courier)

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