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Major new wind farm clears last regulatory hurdle in Texas

WIND: Texas regulators give final approval to Xcel Energy’s 478 MW wind farm to be built in the state’s panhandle. (RTO Insider)

• Operators are still working the kinks out of New Mexico’s largest wind farm which started producing energy in January. (Albuquerque Journal)
• The Oklahoma wind industry has no qualms with a new state requirement that stipulates developers must get military approval before building new wind farms. (The Oklahoman)

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ELECTRIC CARS: Two Denver men attempt to break a world record by driving a Tesla Model 3 more than 600 miles on a single charge. (Denver Post)

PIPELINES: New pipelines deals are expected to help a Houston company develop a play in West Texas once touted as one of the most significant oil and gas discoveries of the decade. (Houston Chronicle)

• California billionaire investor Tom Steyer is taking a pass on jumping into Colorado’s energy and environmental battles. (Denver Post)
• Legislation funding the Colorado’s Energy Office is among the bills the governor is set to sign this week. (Grand Junction Daily Sentinel)

NUCLEAR: Transportation concerns were among the top reasons given by U.S. senators who recently voted to oppose funding for Yucca Mountain, according to an informal poll. (Nevada Independent)

COAL: A New Mexico county votes to give up its partial ownership of a nearby coal plant in 2022. (Los Alamos Monitor)

BIOMASS: An Arizona utility’s plan to produce biomass energy could be thwarted by the fact the U.S. Forest Service hasn’t issued a large-scale tree thinning contract that would guarantee supply. (Arizona Daily Sun)

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OIL AND GAS: A California oil and gas company is planning to drill eastern Utah’s tar sands. (Grand Junction Daily Sentinel)

• The company behind the plan to temporarily store spent fuel rods in New Mexico has shown they have the expertise to safely handle nuclear waste, says the editorial board of the Albuquerque Journal.
• A plan recently released by Utah’s governor shows that investing in renewable energy is essential for protecting the state’s finite resources and making energy more affordable, says the editorial board of the Deseret News.
• California’s recent decision to require rooftop solar systems on all new homes isn’t a crazy idea, says an Arizona attorney who represents some of the nation’s largest solar companies. (Arizona Republic)
• Colorado’s governor has signed off on a plan that makes it easier to drill on public lands that sage grouse need to survive, says an attorney for an environmental group suing to protect the bird. (Boulder Daily Camera)
• Texas should tap into the Volkswagen settlement to further expand the rollout of electric car charging stations through the state, say two electric car advocates. (Austin American-Statesman)

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