RENEWABLE: As federal CO2 emissions rules are proposed, Michigan revisits its Renewable Portfolio Standard. (Midwest Energy News)

BIOFUEL: Starting today, diesel fuel in Minnesota will contain 10 percent biodiesel as part of statewide mandate. (Minnesota Public Radio)

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FRACKING: Fighting a fire at a hydraulic fracturing site likely sent chemicals into a nearby creek, Ohio officials say. (Columbus Dispatch)

EMISSIONS: Michigan-based DTE Energy nears completion of major project to reduce pollution at Monroe coal plant. (Toledo Blade)

FRACKING: New York Supreme Court rules that cities and towns can ban hydraulic fracturing within their borders. (Bloomberg)

OIL: Union Pacific is no longer transporting crude oil on railroad cars through the city of St. Louis. (St. Louis Post-Dispatch)

CLIMATE: NASA launches CO2-measuring mission to study how carbon travels the Earth’s biosphere. (Climate Central)

RENEWABLE: New report shows Fortune 500 companies save over $1 billion a year through clean-energy investments. (CleanTechnica)

FRACKING: Newer, unconventional natural gas wells leak more often than older, traditional ones, according to study of Pennsylvania inspection reports. (Climate Central)

TRANSPORTATION: In win for climate-change activists, U.S. Supreme Court will not hear challenge to California’s low-carbon fuel standard. (GreenWire)

NATURAL GAS: Houston-based gas-to-liquids energy technology company acquires Ohio-based Pinto Energy LLC. (Houston Business Journal)

COMMENTARY: Wisconsin Sen. Julie Lassa: Growth in clean-energy sector will spur job creation, energy independence. (Wisconsin Rapids Tribune)

Andy Balaskovitz

Andy has been a journalism fellow for Midwest Energy News since 2014, following four years at City Pulse, Lansing’s alt-weekly newspaper. He covers the state of Michigan and also compiles the Midwest Energy News daily email digest. Andy is a graduate of Michigan State University’s Journalism School, where he focused on topics covered by the Knight Center for Environmental Journalism and wrote for the Great Lakes Echo. He was the 2008 and 2009 recipient of the Edward Meeman Award for Outstanding Undergraduate Student in Environmental Journalism at Michigan State.

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