BATTERIES: Elon Musk will lift the veil Thursday batteries designed to store solar and wind energy by turning the mattress-shaped batteries in Tesla’s electric car into upright pillars so they can be used to power homes, businesses and even utilities. (Bloomberg)

INFRASTRUCTURE: Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) on Tuesday said she is open to the Obama administration’s plan for energy infrastructure and suggested officials should work with lawmakers on drafting legislation. (The Hill)

More than a dozen conservation and environmental groups are pushing President Obama to prevent oil drilling in the Arctic Ocean. (The Hill)
• Drilling in the Arctic could be more difficult, dangerous and costly than Shell is letting on, environmentalists have told the Securities and Exchange Commission. (FuelFix)

OFFSHORE WIND: Developers and industry experts say offshore wind energy is off to such a slow start in the U.S. because of regulatory hurdles, opposition from fossil fuel interests and the trials and tribulations of doing something for the first time. (FuelFix)

California-based SolarCity, the nation’s largest solar energy installer, has opened shop in New Hampshire, where marketing of its solar leasing and power purchase agreements began on Monday. (New Hampshire Union Leader)
• A poll of 300 likely Nevada voters suggests that state lawmakers could suffer at the polls come election time next year if they do not support expanding rooftop solar efforts through a net metering program. (Las Vegas Review-Journal)
• The California Assembly Committee on Natural Resources unanimously passed a bill Monday that will allow mining companies to install solar and wind power without triggering the state’s lengthy environmental review process. (ThinkProgress)
EFFICIENCY: Opposition is expected today at a meeting in Kansas City to consider an ordinance that would require owners of large buildings to measure and disclose their energy and water use. (Midwest Energy News)
SUBSIDIES: New York clean energy developer is suing Connecticut over its renewable energy subsidy program, claiming the state’s policy violates constitutional rules about regulating business across state lines. (Hartford Courant)
NEW JERSEY: The president of Six Flags Great Adventure has drawn the ire of New Jersey environmentalists, who have lined up in opposition to his plan to cut down 19,000 trees for a 90-acre solar farm. (Asbury Park Press)
COMMENTARY: There is technology that can be deployed to solve our energy problems, but we’re too busy arguing without the facts and wallowing in ideology to pursue solutions. (The Hill)

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