TRANSITION: Natural gas overtook coal as the top source of U.S. electricity for the first time ever this year, according to new research. (Associated Press)

CAP-AND-TRADE: The Northeast’s cap-and-trade program generated $1.3 billion, created 4,000 new jobs and saved consumers $460 million in electric bills for nine states over the past three years. (Bloomberg)

CLEAN POWER PLAN: World leaders have a “moral obligation” to fight climate change, and the U.S. is meeting that obligation with its climate rule for power plants, according to two administration officials. (The Hill)

COAL: Stock prices for coal companies are down almost 50 percent, but the bond market is where coal is really getting hammered. (Bloomberg)

PIPELINE: The claimed economic benefits of the proposed Atlantic Coast Pipeline are overstated, lack sufficient supporting data and fail to account for environmental and societal costs, according to a new analysis. (FierceEnergy)

ARCTIC DRILLING: Shell said Monday an icebreaker crucial to its Arctic oil drilling will be sent to Portland, Oregon, for repairs, but the detour is not expected to delay drilling off Alaska this summer. (Reuters)

Boeing will join the Japanese aviation industry to develop sustainable aviation biofuel for flights during the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games in Tokyo. (Sustainable Brands)
• Wind patterns are changing, leading to longer commercial airline flight times and causing airplanes to burn more fuel and emit more greenhouse gases. (Climate Central)

EFFICIENCY: In response to complaints about Missouri’s Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) program, a non-profit is creating an alternative provider of financing for clean energy projects. (Midwest Energy News)

SETTLEMENT: A New Jersey judge has rejected a plea from environmental groups to intervene in a pollution settlement Republican Governor Chris Christie negotiated with ExxonMobil. (The Hill)

GREEN VEHICLES: With the help of the Union of Concerned Scientists, the Los Angeles Times examined seven vehicles, analyzing their greenhouse gas emissions, efficiency and economy. (Los Angeles Times)

Scientists have long known it was possible to make plastics from methane, but it could not be done cheaply enough to be commercially viable until now. (Los Angeles Times)
The California Department of Food and Agriculture will award nearly $11.1 million to help farms convert methane from manure into power. (Visalia Times-Delta)

PRESIDENTIAL RACE: Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, who joined the field of Republican contenders vying for the White House on Monday, stands out for his opposition to climate action. (InsideClimate News)

COMMENTARY: It’s time for New Jersey to set goals for saving energy just as all neighboring states and half the country have done. (

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