CLEAN POWER PLAN: West Virginia is leading more than 20 other states – including 8 others in the Southeast – in coordinated lawsuits to stop President Obama’s signature environmental initiative. (Greenwire)

• Several senators say they will offer Congressional Review Act resolutions today that seek to stop the plan. (The Hill)
• A group of Democratic attorneys general say will work to protect the plan with filings this week. (The Hill)
• An executive at the power grid that includes parts of Arkansas, Louisiana and Mississippi warns of dangers if states implement the plan independently. (Platts)
• A failure of the Clean Power Plan could undermine U.S. credibility in seeking global steps to mitigate climate change. (Mother Jones)
Duke Energy elects – for now – not to join lawsuits filed by states it operates in to block the Clean Power Plan. (Charlotte Business Journal)

• Duke Energy says it has reached an agreement buy Piedmont Natural Gas for $4.9 billion. (The Wall Street Journal)
Duke Energy may talk about the diversity of its future generation mix but its plans fall short of reflecting much beyond more natural gas. (Charlotte Business Journal)

• The Obama Administration is ramping up efforts to get the American public behind its goal for a strong global climate change deal in Paris in December. (The Hill)
Here are the overriding issues expected to dominate the Paris climate talks. (Climate Central)
• Republicans attack Obama’s climate policies to paint a nation divided over any new global plan to cut emissions. (National Journal)

SOLAR: Here’s how utilities are profiting from solar energy. (Motley Fool)

COAL ASH: Test results confirm TVA’s coal ash is leaking into the Cumberland River and private drinking wells. (Southern Environmental Law Center)

BATTERIES: There are signs the energy storage industry is ready to scale up. (The New York Times)

POLITICS: Support for climate change solutions by a freshman Republican Congressman from south Florida makes him a target in next year’s primary. (E&E Daily)

PIPELINES: The Mountain Valley Pipeline from West Virginia to Southern Virginia is the second in the region applying to transport fracked natural gas to market. (West Virginia Public Radio)

COAL: Alpha Natural Resources is planning to sell shuttered mines in West Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee and Illinois. (Associated Press)

• The charge that the Massey Energy CEO conspired to violate mine safety rules looms as a potent weapon for prosecutors. (Charleston Gazette-Mail)
• The 2010 explosion that killed 29 miners lurks in the background of the criminal trial. (Charleston Gazette-Mail)

OFFSHORE DRILLING: Vested interests drive the debate over allowing for the exploration of oil off South Carolina’s coast. (The Post and Courier)

OIL TRAINS: After securing a seven-year delay on new safety rules, the railroad industry is lobbying hard for another long extension. (The Washington Post)

DEMAND RESPONSE: Two experts consider what the demand-response market will look like if the Supreme Court kills a practice designed to conserve and balance electricity supplies. (Greentech Media)

• A Republican congressman from South Florida says climate change shouldn’t be a partisan issue. (Miami Herald)
• Billions of dollars of new state revenues and the services they could provide are at stake in the debate over drilling off the Atlantic coast. (Richmond Times-Dispatch)
Coal industry supporters’ claims that President Obama is killing the industry are “nonsense” and ignore economic realities. (Charleston Gazette-Mail)

Jim Pierobon, a policy, marketing and social media strategist, was a founding contributor to Southeast Energy News. He passed away after a long battle with pancreatic cancer in 2018.

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