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Offshore drilling auction to include 78 million acres in Gulf of Mexico

OFFSHORE DRILLING: The U.S. Interior Department announces plans to auction off 78 million acres in the Gulf of Mexico next month for oil and gas drilling. (The Advocate)

MORE: Opposition to offshore drilling cuts across party lines in North Carolina’s coastal cities. (WUNC)

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• South Carolina solar jobs are at risk as Duke Energy reaches a net metering cap. (Greenville News)
• Texas’ Permian Basin takes advantage of solar potential with the state’s biggest solar plant and plans for the state’s biggest battery. (HPPR)
• A NASA flight center in Huntsville, Alabama goes solar with a new rooftop system. (Solar Power World)
• Florida’s first solar-powered city, Babcock Ranch, is the brainchild of a former NFL star. (Good Magazine)

WIND: A Virginia company plans to build an 800 MW wind farm in Texas starting in 2021. (Houston Chronicle)

NUCLEAR: Lawmakers from around the country convene in Aiken, South Carolina for a nuclear energy summit. (Aiken Standard)

EFFICIENCY: A North Carolina university’s energy efficiency program helped a farm cut energy usage by half this year. (Appalachian Today)

• There’s a black lung disease epidemic in Appalachia, but Kentucky may make it more difficult for current and former miners to receive benefits. (Vice)
• A Kentucky coal miner’s death happened because of safety lapses by the company and miners, according to a federal report. (Lexington Herald Leader)

NATURAL GAS: A natural gas liquids separation project receives eight years of tax abatements in a Texas county. (Houston Chronicle)

UTILITIES: Duke Energy now says it reduced energy production from fossil fuel Monday as excess energy threatened grid reliability. (Charlotte Business Journal, subscription)

• An editorial board says President Trump’s plan to bail out coal and nuclear plants could intrude on Texas’ deregulated electricity market. (Dallas Morning News)
• A Virginia farmer calls out Gov. Ralph Northam for failing to ensure pipeline construction in the state is done safely. (Staunton News-Leader)

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