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Oil and gas companies push back against Washington carbon fee effort

OIL AND GAS: Major oil and gas companies are beginning to push back against a Washington state effort to impose a carbon fee. (Grist)

ALSO: A federal sage grouse plan would allow drilling within one mile of where the birds nest. (Grand Junction Daily Sentinel)

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CLEAN ENERGY: An Arizona regulator proposes merging his clean energy plan with the state’s renewable energy tariff. (Utility Dive)

GEOTHERMAL: A Hawaiian geothermal plant shuttered by lava likely won’t resume producing power for years. (Honolulu Star Advertiser)

WIND: A 1,000 MW wind farm under development in New Mexico will be one of the biggest in the U.S. (Albuquerque Journal)

• The Trump administration’s solar tariffs show how it’s hard to control the consequences once a trade war is launched. (Los Angeles Times)
• A southern Colorado electric co-op is pursuing three solar projects despite renewable energy limits by its wholesale supplier. (Durango Herald)

NUCLEAR: The U.S has a choice: abandon nuclear power outright or embrace smaller modular nuclear reactors, UC San Diego researchers say. (San Diego Union Tribune)

PUBLIC LANDS: New Mexico could play a key role in the Interior Department reorganization plan, possibly as a Bureau of Land Management headquarters. (Albuquerque Journal)

MICROGRIDS: California lawmakers consider a bill to make it easier to develop clean energy micrograms and prohibit permits for ones that use diesel backup or gas combustion. (Microgrid Knowledge)

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GRID: The heat wave gripping much of Southern California has sparked massive power outages around Los Angeles. (Los Angeles Times)

• Electric cars won’t save the environment unless the grid becomes less reliant on fossil fuels, says a Nevada editorial board. (Las Vegas Review-Journal)
• The federal courts are not meant to provide a remedy for every ill in the world, including climate change, says a law professor at Chapman University in Orange, California. (Los Angeles Times)
• The recent decision by Nevada regulators to allow solar projects to be built on former mining sites is a masterpiece in common sense policy, says a Nevada editorial board. (Las Vegas Sun)


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