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PJM report finds coal, nuclear bailouts are unnecessary

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WIND: Residents are divided over a proposed 130 MW wind project in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula wilderness that is unique for mostly involving one landowner. (Energy News Network)

POWER PLANTS: A new report by grid operator PJM says a federal bailout for coal and nuclear plants is unnecessary, but higher payments to generators that store fuel on-site may be needed in the mid-2020s. (Utility Dive)

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• An Iowa truck stop seeks permission from state regulators to sell power from electric vehicle charging stations directly to drivers, which faces utility opposition. (Energy News Network)
• A northern Minnesota utility will install four EV charging stations equipped with solar panels. (Hometown Focus)

• Corporate renewable energy deals in Illinois and Nebraska were among some of the largest in the U.S. during the third quarter of 2018. (GreenBiz)
• A Consumer Reports survey of residents in coal-heavy states, including Illinois and Ohio, finds increasing support for renewable energy. (KXLF)

SOLAR: Utilities in Ohio will participate in a group that trains workers to manage an integrated solar grid. (Daily Energy Insider)

NUCLEAR: A nuclear plant in southwestern Michigan nears its final refueling outage before plans to permanently close in 2022. (MLive)

CLEAN TECH: Researchers in South Dakota are studying the potential of geothermal fracking as a power source. (Rapid City Journal)

UTILITIES: Four utilities serving customers in northwestern Michigan each tout plans to reduce dependence on fossil fuels. (Traverse City Business News)

• Ohio-based refiner Marathon sees an 18 percent drop in earnings due to rising crude oil prices and decreased demand. (Toledo Blade)
• A utility contractor’s improperly marked natural gas line led to a deadly explosion this summer that leveled several buildings in Madison, Wisconsin. (Associated Press)

RESEARCH: A lab at the University of Michigan researches issues around energy justice and equitable access to clean energy. (Concentrate)

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BIOMASS: The U.S. EPA endorses a plan to burn more trees and wood products for electricity, though scientists say the power source can emit more carbon dioxide than fossil fuels. (Bloomberg)

COMMENTARY: A utility watchdog group says FirstEnergy is offering in-kind contributions to both candidates for Ohio governor who also support bailouts for the company’s nuclear plants. (Energy and Policy Institute)

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