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Poll finds majority of Michigan voters support energy measure

FRACKING: The oil and gas industry and environmental groups may not agree on much, but they do agree legislation is needed to regulate hydraulic fracturing in Illinois as companies and landowners prepare for a drilling boom. (Midwest Energy News)

ALSO: Low natural gas prices slow the pace of drilling in Michigan. (MLive.com)

POLITICS: Fossil fuel industries spend big to defeat President Obama, energy efficiency disappears from the GOP platform, House Republicans remove acknowledgements of climate change from an anti-EPA bill, and lawmakers spar over presidential energy plans in a House hearing. (New York Times, Bloomberg, The Hill)

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WIND: Exelon plans to release a study saying more wind power on the grid has led to increased market distortions, two new studies from the NRDC assess the wind industry’s economic impact in the U.S., and Iowa State University will become the first to offer a doctorate-level program in wind energy. (New York Times, EnergyBoom, KCCI-TV)

MICHIGAN: A new poll finds a majority of Michigan voters support a ballot measure to strengthen the state’s renewable energy standard. (Detroit Free Press)

OIL: Enbridge uses eminent domain to obtain property for its pipeline expansion in Michigan, and may face fines for failing to inspect a pipeline in Ohio. (Battle Creek Enquirer, Reuters)

TRANSPORTATION: Even at 54.5 mpg, the U.S. will still lag other nations on fuel economy in coming decades; and the editors of Motor Trend drive a Tesla Model S from Los Angeles to Las Vegas without recharging. (Washington Post, Autoblog)

EFFICIENCY: Motel 6 will install wireless thermostats and other energy-saving technology, built by a Wisconsin company, at 600 motels across the U.S. (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)

COMMENTARY: Three ways to bring solar to the masses, and a new funding model for states to promote clean energy. (Grist, The Energy Collective)

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