WIND: An Air Force radar installation on a remote Oregon mountain will get a software upgrade to allow more wind turbines to be installed in the region. (Associated Press)

KEYSTONE XL: House Republicans are threatening to subpoena Obama administration for records regarding its drawn out consideration of the Keystone XL pipeline. (The Hill)

SOLAR-THERMAL: Solar-thermal technology is not living up to promises its backers made about how much electricity it could generate. (The Wall Street Journal)

EMISSIONS: After studying decades of voting trends and greenhouse gas emissions state by state, researchers found a correlation between the voting records of congressional delegations and emission rates. (Midwest Energy News)

KOCH: Protesters gathered outside the National Museum of Natural History on Monday, urging the Smithsonian Institution to cut ties with noted fossil fuel advocate David Koch, who sits on the museum’s board. (ThinkProgress)

PRESIDENTIAL RACE: The group Iowa Climate Statement, which aims to inform Iowans about how climate change is affecting their state, is part of a growing movement to put environmental issues on the agendas of presidential contenders. (Al Jazeera America)

POPE: In a leaked 192-page document posted by an Italian magazine, the Pope offers a broad vision of an endangered planet and partly blames human activity for global warming. (The New York Times)

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