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‘Project before its time:’ Offshore transmission plan could be revived

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WIND: A boom in offshore wind development in the Northeast could revive plans for a visionary transmission project proposed eight years ago. (E&E News)

• Concerns from fisherman are threatening to derail a $2 billion wind farm planned off the coast of Martha’s Vineyard. (Boston Globe)
• Developers have endorsed a plan to include transit corridors to create a safe passage for fishermen, but they aren’t wide enough for some commercial vessels. (Cape Cod Times)

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• A town in western New York adopts new zoning regulations and a streamlined permitting process to make it easier for homeowners to install up to 25 kW of solar panels. (Daily Messenger)
• New York officials announce $250 million in funding for grid flexibility, which will help pay for energy storage, demand management, microgrids, electric vehicle charging and other distributed energy projects. (Microgrid Knowledge, Solar Builder)
• Maine utility regulators take steps to repeal a regressive “gross metering” solar policy, returning mid- and large-sized customers to net metering. (PV Magazine, Portland Press Herald)
A solar advisory company promises blueberry farmers in central New Jersey that their new solar array will pay for itself in three years and generate millions of dollars in revenue and savings. (news release)

RENEWABLES: Four communities outside Rochester, New York, agree to jointly pursue community-choice electricity aggregation, which will allow residents to buy 100 percent renewable electricity from their local governments. (Democrat & Chronicle)

• Massachusetts releases a clean energy plan that calls for technology-based conservation, efficiency and peak demand reduction by 2030. (The Republican)
• A bill before New York lawmakers would require the state to generate 50 percent of its electricity from renewable energy by 2030 and eliminate all greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. (City & State New York)

TRANSMISSION: Residents speak out against a proposed hydropower transmission line from Canada to Massachusetts at a town forum in central Maine. (Times Record)

COAL: Some residents in central Pennsylvania say a reopened coal mine is proof that President Trump’s anti-regulation policies are working to revive the industry. (Keystone Crossroads)

COMMENTARY: The governors of Maryland and Virginia say their states are committed to fighting climate change through the expansion of clean energy and reduction of fossil fuel emissions, and other states should do the same. (The Herald News)

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