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Public health groups sue over Clean Power Plan rollback

POLLUTION: Two major public health organizations sue the Trump administration over its rollback of the Clean Power Plan. (The Hill)

The closing of a Detroit waste incinerator is a victory for activists who say the facility’s air pollution unfairly burdened a majority Black neighborhood. (Energy News Network)
• Fresno uses data visualization to help target California cap and trade funds to counteract pollution in vulnerable communities. (Energy News Network)

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The governors of 23 states sign a pledge backing California in its fight against the Trump administration’s efforts to relax vehicle mileage standards. (Associated Press)
• The race is on to fuel the buses of the future, with natural gas, diesel-battery hybrids, biodiesel and electric vehicles seeking market share. (Bloomberg)

• A first-term state senator from Michigan wants the state to be a leader on electric vehicle infrastructure to capitalize on economic and climate change benefits. (Energy News Network)
• Automakers plan a slate of new electric vehicle models that will be a departure from standard compact designs. (Detroit News)
• Toyota will start testing a new solar roof for its Prius electric hybrids that’s designed to be far more efficient than previous attempts. (The Verge) 

• Florida utilities are embracing solar, but their in-house approach means a closed market for many third-party developers. (Greentech Media)
• Canadian solar panel manufacturer Heliene shifts operations to northern Minnesota in reaction to U.S. tariffs. (Minneapolis Star Tribune)

STORAGE: Natural gas peaker plants may be the first casualties of a new Minnesota law requiring utilities to include energy storage as part of their long-range plans. (Energy News Network)

• The United Mine Workers of America invites all the Democratic presidential candidates to tour a coal mine and discuss coal workers’ futures. (NBC)
• Kentucky officials will investigate Blackjewel, a coal company that pulled back paychecks from employees’ bank accounts after it declared bankruptcy. (Lexington Herald-Leader)
• The EPA eliminates an Obama-era provision that would require utilities to set aside money for coal ash liabilities. (Utility Dive)

A Massachusetts mayor sides with safety and environmental groups and opposes a natural gas pipeline expansion project. (Energy News Network)
A Pennsylvania county judge drops trespass charges against seven protestors who were arrested during a pipeline protest two years ago. (WITF)

More than 50,000 people in six states live within a block of an active gas storage well, according to a Harvard University study. (Bloomberg)
• An oil services company says it does not plan to conduct aerial surveys of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge this summer. (New York Times)
• A Louisiana community already home to oil and gas terminals and pipelines is now fighting a plastics production plant. (Huffington Post)

UTILITIES: The California Senate approves a proposal to create a $21 billion fund to help California utilities pay for wildfire costs. (Los Angeles Times)

• Sen. Bernie Sanders and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez plan to introduce a resolution today declaring climate change a national emergency. (The Guardian)
• It’s New York vs. California in a race to see which state can succeed at reaching their ambitious climate goals. (New York Times)
Great Lakes ports are keeping detailed inventories of greenhouse gas emissions to reduce the industry’s climate impact. (Wisconsin Public Radio)

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• More than six months into the 116th Congress, the House and Senate energy committees have yet to pass any energy-specific bills. (E&E News)
An oil refinery association launches advertising criticizing President Trump’s move to expand the use of ethanol in gasoline. (Associated Press)

• The coal industry left Appalachia devastated. Now it’s doing the same to Wyoming, David Roberts writes. (Vox)
• What Texas lacks in solar incentives it makes up for with electricity demand, a competitive energy market, and wide swaths of land, a columnist writes. (Greentech Media)

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