POLITICS: Closely contested gubernatorial elections could shift the country’s clean energy future, with fracking in Pennsylvania, a grid buildout in Arizona and clean energy investment in the South set to drive state races. (E&E News)

• The conservative American Legislative Exchange Council has produced model legislation that’s driving a surge in new state laws that blacklist companies for refusing to do business with the oil industry. (The Guardian)
• The Biden administration’s plan to raise oil and gas royalty rates could provide states with more funding for schools, public health and infrastructure. (Grist)
• U.S. oil producers are moving into higher-cost, second-tier areas, including parts of North Dakota, as high oil prices and relatively low service costs make production economics the best in years. (Reuters)
• A corroded pipeline that ruptured and spilled 350,000 gallons of diesel fuel near New Orleans did not have a fully working leak detection system, federal records show, highlighting a longstanding challenge for the industry. (Associated Press)

• 2022 is set to be a breakthrough year for electric vehicles as highly anticipated new models are introduced, while suppliers of combustion vehicle parts could start to see business fade. (New York Times)
• Ford’s Kansas City plant begins shipping the automaker’s 2022 electric transit van. (Kansas City Star)
• Stellantis gives the public a first look at its Ram electric pickup truck concept vehicle, which isn’t expected to start production for two years. (Detroit News)

OVERSIGHT: The U.S. EPA looks to revamp its power plant emissions regulations to better address environmental justice concerns and prioritize public health. (E&E News)

The Biden administration announces $725 million in federal funding to clean up abandoned coal mines. (Reuters)
Coal mining paved the way for suburban development in the grasslands near Boulder, Colorado, where an abandoned coal mine fire may have sparked last year’s fire that destroyed 1,000 homes. (High Country News)

UTILITIES: California utilities contribute millions of dollars to a group claiming to represent low-income residents that’s pushing to cut utilities’ net metering payments to rooftop solar customers. (Inside Climate News) 

WIND: Energy Department data displays states’ progress on planning, permitting and building offshore wind arrays. (Canary Media)

CLIMATE: Community pushback against a climate mitigation project in New York City underscores the importance of establishing trust and community involvement throughout the planning process. (Grist)

GRID: The Texas state grid led the U.S. by adding 8,139 MW in new generating capacity in 2021, with 42% coming from wind and 40% from solar. (S&P Global)

COMMENTARY: Clean energy columnist David Roberts breaks down the minerals essential to building electric vehicle batteries, solar panels and other clean energy components. (Canary Media)

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