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Report: California solar home mandate will boost sales by 14 percent

• A mandate requiring solar panels on new California homes is expected to boost residential solar sales 14 percent from 2020 through 2023, according to a new analysis. (Greentech Media)
• Eight senators urge the Trump administration to exempt industrial-sized solar panels from its solar import tariff. (Bloomberg)

STORAGE: Tesla CEO Elon Musk hints at a gigawatt-hour-scale energy storage project during a recent earnings call. (Greentech Media)

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WIND: A new database of U.S. commercial wind turbines shows that Kern County, California, leads with 4,581 turbines — more than every state in the Northeast combined. (Washington Post)

RENEWABLES: A ballot campaign to double Michigan’s renewable standard risks re-politicizing the industry and causing project siting issues, some developers worry. (Midwest Energy News)

MICROGRIDS: An Indiana company known for installing microgrids for the U.S. military sees an opportunity in mass producing the technology for private companies. (Midwest Energy News)

SMART METERS: The American Civil Liberties Union is raising concerns that smart meters could threaten users’ privacy and create health risks. (Yakima Herald)

BIOFUELS: An overhaul of the nation’s Renewable Fuel Standard will include fewer waivers for small refineries and allow ethanol exports to count toward federal biofuels quotas, according to a source. (Reuters)

• President Trump told two members of his administration to negotiate with California on a plan to weaken national fuel economy standards. (Associated Press, New York Times)
• Trump met with executives from 10 major automotive companies Friday to discuss relaxing fuel efficiency rules. (The Hill)

HYDROPOWER: The combination of irrigation, mountains and friendly state policies make Colorado the nation’s epicenter for the growth of small hydroelectric projects. (High Country News)

COAL: Six Western states join a legal fight against Washington state for rejecting permits for a massive terminal that would have exported coal to Asian markets. (Associated Press)

• New Orleans officials face pressure to reconsider Entergy’s proposed natural gas power plant after the company admitted it paid people to publicly show their support for the project. (KSMU)
• By some measures, there was more oil industry activity on federal lands during the Obama administration than during 2017, despite President Trump’s efforts to produce more oil and gas on federal land. (NPR)

• Scott Pruitt dined with a prominent climate change denier and Vatican leader accused of sexual abuse last year, but EPA staff kept the meeting off the administrator’s public schedule. (New York Times)
• President Trump said Friday that he still has confidence in Pruitt. (CNBC)

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CLIMATE: Forecasts predict this year’s hurricane season could be far worse than 2017 due to the intensifying effects of climate change. (ThinkProgress)

COMMENTARY:  A rule to require solar panels on new California homes is simple, logical and “well worth the upfront cost,” says the Los Angeles Times editorial board.

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