CLEAN ENERGY: Supply chain difficulties are driving up battery costs and raw materials needed for solar and wind installations, presenting a major challenge for the clean energy transition and the mass adoption of electric vehicles. (Bloomberg, E&E News)

• Renewables will account for 95% of new power generation capacity installed from now until 2026, the International Energy Agency predicts, though that growth is only about half of what’s needed to reach net zero emissions by 2050. (Guardian)
• Clean energy stakeholders say Democrats’ proposed tax credits for renewable energy deployment will help the sector outcompete fossil fuels. (The Hill)

• Oil and gas companies eye a potential increase in a tax credit for carbon capture within Democrats’ federal spending plan as a way to recoup billions of dollars on such projects. (Inside Climate News)
• A plan to drill three natural gas wells next to a daycare center attended mainly by Black and Latino children raises health fears among families, but Texas law makes it difficult for them to fight back. (Associated Press)
• Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer withdraws a federal lawsuit seeking to shut down the Line 5 pipeline in hopes that a suit by the state’s attorney general will be successful, rekindling debates involving treaty rights and the Biden administration’s role in Line 5’s future. (Bridge Michigan, E&E News)

SOLAR: At least 4,000 of the 10,000 closed landfills across the U.S. could host solar projects totalling more than 63 GW of generation capacity, a study finds. (Canary Media)

• Reporters break down how electric utilities are working to boost electric vehicle deployment in six major cities throughout the U.S. (Utility Dive)
• FirstEnergy argues in a class action suit that Ohio’s House Bill 6, the power plant bailout law at the center of a corruption scandal, protects the utility from ratepayer lawsuits. (Energy News Network / Eye on Ohio)

CLIMATE: Public relations firms have run hundreds of campaigns for oil and gas companies that sought to block climate change action or greenwash fossil fuels’ environmental impacts. (Washington Post)

POLITICS: Sen. Joe Manchin says he’s pushing for changes to the energy and climate portions of Democrats’ infrastructure bill, with one senator saying he discussed a methane fee and electric vehicle tax credits with Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer. (E&E News)

GRID: Puerto Rican businesses increasingly rely on microgrid technology after hurricanes Irma and Maria created ongoing reliability concerns about the island’s aging electricity infrastructure. (Power)

NUCLEAR: Federal officials seek an interim site for storing radioactive waste as they await a more permanent federal nuclear storage facility. (Bloomberg)

EQUITY: Environmental advocates urge the Biden administration to consider structural inequities and historical trauma when reviewing mining projects. (E&E News)

COMMENTARY: The clean energy transition’s focus on transmission upgrades ignores the need to reduce energy demand as well, the CEO of a home insulation company writes. (Canary Media)

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