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Survey finds climate denial waning among GOP

CLEAN POWER PLAN: States faced with closures of coal-fired power plants may find easier compliance through multi-state solutions. (EnergyWire)

POLITICS: A Texas poll finds a sharp uptick in the number of Republicans who believe climate change is occurring. (Scientific American)

• Alleging “corporate fraud,” Sen. Bernie Sanders seeks an investigation of ExxonMobil for spreading misinformation on climate science. (InsideClimate News)
• How a former tar sands developer became a climate advocate. (Greenwire)

NEWSMAKER: “He’s a hell of a foosball player” and other things you probably didn’t know about FERC chairman Norman Bay. (SNL)

CLEAN ENERGY: How a remote Alaska town became a renewable energy success story. (EnergyWire)

• An Arizona utility drops its request to increase fixed charges on solar customers — for now. (Arizona Republic)
• Advocates in California step up efforts to lobby against utility plans to increase costs for solar customers. (San Jose Mercury News)
• The Tennessee Valley Authority releases a study that says it’s paying customers more for solar power than it is worth. (Knoxville News Sentinel)
• An Iowa solar installer is at odds with a utility over rates he says are a detriment to large energy users going with solar. (Midwest Energy News)

TRANSMISSION: Clean-energy developers are having their Keystone XL moment as they confront Midwest landowners who don’t want large transmission lines on their property moving wind energy. (Reuters)

PIPELINES: Environmental advocates say FERC policies hinder appeals on pipeline projects. (NPR)

COAL: In the trail of former Massey Energy CEO Don Blankenship, a miner testifies about the “fear, intimidation and propaganda” of working in the company’s mines. (West Virginia Public Broadcasting)

• Consumer Reports drops its recommendation for the Tesla Model S, citing long-term reliability concerns. (Los Angeles Times)
• General Motors says its new long-range Chevy Bolt will be able to go 200 miles on a single charge. (Associated Press)

COMMENTARY: Why student engineers are future climate heros. (Vox)

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