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Trump administration argues fuel economy standards cost lives

TRANSPORTATION: The Trump administration argues, despite contrary evidence, that tougher fuel standards will cost lives because heavier vehicles are safer to drive. (Washington Post)

MORE: Ronald Reagan fought for California’s right to regulate vehicle emission standards, authority that now faces its most serious challenge yet. (Washington Post)

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• Californians heeded warnings from the state’s grid operator and saved 990 MW of energy during the recent heat wave. (Greentech Media)
• Higher penetrations of solar in Arizona and California are changing the way utilities manage demand during extreme heat events. (Bloomberg)
• A study shows how better connecting regional electric grids could expand access to low-cost renewable energy. (Energy News Network)

Massachusetts lawmakers vote in favor of a reworked energy bill, but critics say it doesn’t do enough to support solar. (The Republican, Greenfield Recorder)
• States ask federal regulators to revisit an order they say improperly intervenes in state energy policies like renewable mandates and nuclear subsidies. (Utility Dive)

NUCLEAR: Exelon sells the country’s oldest nuclear power plant in southern New Jersey, which could result in the 50-year-old facility being decommissioned in the next eight years. (Asbury Park Press)

COAL ASH: Kentucky power plants will have more time to clean up coal ash pollution under new federal rules. (WFPL)

WIND: Experts will begin exploring the ocean floor off Mayland’s coast to see if it’s suitable for an offshore wind farm. (Baltimore Sun)

Significant changes to net metering were among the country’s top solar policy developments in a new quarterly analysis. (PV Magazine)
New York issues a pair of white papers that recommend enhancing payments for solar and other community distributed generation. (Utility Dive)
• A University of Wisconsin professor is biking 1,200 miles to raise money for a solar energy project in Puerto Rico. (LaSalle News Tribune)

• Federal officials order TransCanada to inspect part of the Keystone pipeline in South Dakota for potential coating problems. (Associated Press)
• A woman blocking Mountain Valley Pipeline developers in West Virginia by sitting in her 1971 Ford Pinto is arrested. (Virginia First)

CLIMATE: Rhode Island uses a new approach to get fossil fuel companies to pay for climate change: it’s suing specifically for infrastructure damages. (Governing)

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• Renewable energy gains support among Republican voters in North Carolina despite opposition from some within the party. (Energy News Network)
• The acting chief of the EPA has come under scrutiny for his previous work as a powerful energy lobbyist. (New York Times)

COMMENTARY: David Roberts examines the arguments for and against regionalizing California’s grid. (Vox)

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