U.S. Energy News

Trump effort to expand oil exploration not slowing down

OIL & GAS: The Trump administration is racing to open the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil and gas development. (New York Times)

The Trump administration grants approval for companies to conduct seismic oil and gas surveys off the Atlantic coast, which experts say could could harm marine animals. (Washington Post)
• Florida Power & Light will build a new natural gas plant in South Florida and elevate it 11 feet to protect it from sea level rise. (Miami Herald)

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PIPELINES: The federal government will conduct another environmental review of the Keystone XL pipeline, potentially causing further delays. (Reuters)

• Turbine maker Vestas sees U.S. demand peaking in 2020 as tax incentives phase out but predicts it will not “fall off a cliff.” (Reuters)
• North Carolina towns have lost hundreds of thousands of dollars in tax revenue from the state’s wind moratorium. (Coastal Review Online)

Thirty Minnesota inmates take a solar installation training course amid growing demand for clean energy employees. (Energy News Network)
• A growing number of Wisconsin businesses install solar panels as prices continue to drop. (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)
Rhode Island releases a guide to inform homeowners on how to install a residential solar array. (Associated Press)

NUCLEAR: The company seeking to buy Alabama’s Bellefonte Nuclear Plant sues Tennessee Valley Authority for breach of contract after it pulled out of a deal. (AL.com)

COAL: Tennessee mine rescue teams could be disbanded as the coal industry continues to decline. (Tennessean)

BIOFUELS: An Illinois congressman’s draft bill to revamp ethanol mandates will receive its first hearing this week. (E&E News, subscription)

• The fate of California’s largest utility could rest with newly-elected Gov. Gavin Newsom, who has a long history with the company. (Bloomberg)
• A Michigan lawmaker pushes the American Legislative Exchange Council to adopt a policy supporting energy market deregulation. (E&E News, subscription)

Clean energy advocates say last month’s federal report on climate change underscores the need for action in Ohio, which faces increased risks from flooding, heat and pollution. (Energy News Network)
• Florida cities and counties lead the way on renewable energy and mitigation plans to adapt to climate change. (WJCT)

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EFFICIENCY: Net zero homes are popping up across Colorado as developers realize they can build the energy efficient homes for about the same amount of money as regular homes. (Colorado Sun)

Let’s fund clean energy, not a border wall, writes the co-director of Food & Water Watch’s climate and energy program. (The Hill)
• President Dwight Eisenhower’s vision for nuclear power in America is alive and well with Georgia’s Vogtle nuclear plant, an engineering professor says. (Augusta Chronicle)

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