EPA: Two of Donald Trump’s possible picks to lead the EPA would likely slash environmental regulations and reshape the agency. (Greenwire)

• Experts say Donald Trump is unlikely to bring back coal jobs, but Appalachians remain hopeful. (New York Times)
• West Virginia’s Department of Environmental Protection is suing a major coal company for concealing $100 million in outstanding debts and obligations when it filed for bankruptcy. (Vox)
• A bill to protect retired coal miners’ healthcare and pension benefits would save lives and money, according to a new study. (Associated Press)
• If Donald Trump repeals Obamacare, disabled coal miners could lose their black lung benefits. (STAT)

• A growing number of tanker-truck accidents in Alaska has regulators concerned about fuel spills. (Alaska Dispatch News)
• A natural-gas-fired power plant under construction in Ohio “will be one of the cleanest and most efficient” in the country. (Cincinnati Business Courier)

• The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers says it won’t forcibly remove pipeline protesters in North Dakota. (Los Angeles Times)
• The governor of North Dakota orders thousands of pipeline protesters to vacate a camp on federal lands. (Reuters)

SOLAR: A proposal to limit financial incentives for solar customers in Maine is looking more favorable after the election. (Portland Press Herald)

RENEWABLE ENERGY: Wind and solar companies are hoping their campaign contributions to Republicans will pay off. (Reuters)

WIND: Residents in western New York are fighting a proposal to build dozens of wind turbines that would be among the tallest in the country. (Associated Press)

• Subsidizing nuclear plants in Illinois could save over $3 billion in power costs over the next 10 years, according to a recent study. (Reuters)
• The Georgia Court of Appeals is reviving a lawsuit against Georgia Power over rate increases designed to help pay for nuclear reactors and power plant upgrades. (Southeast Energy News)

GRID: An ongoing dispute over the construction of a transmission line that would carry wind energy from the Great Plains to the eastern U.S. grid will be heard by the Illinois Supreme Court. (EnergyWire)

• Ohio lawmakers could unfreeze the state’s clean energy standards in coming weeks, but compliance would be voluntary. (Midwest Energy News)
• What Donald Trump can accomplish on climate and energy policy during his first 100 days in office. (Scientific American)
• Clean energy advocates say proposed legislation to overhaul Michigan’s energy policy could do more to encourage renewable energy development. (Midwest Energy News)

POLITICS: A lucrative federal loan program that supports major energy projects is probably safe under a Donald Trump presidency. (Bloomberg)

• Republican majority leader Mitch McConnell should support legislation to rescue pension and health benefits for retired union coal miners. (New York Times)
• A decision by Michigan’s largest electric utility to phase out its coal plants is a perfect example of why Donald Trump won’t be able to turn the coal industry around. (Vox)

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