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‘We were warned’: Climate change no longer a distant threat

CLIMATE: Thirty years after James Hansen warned Congress about the looming threat of climate change, it is “hitting us hard from all sides.” (Associated Press)

• Experts say some companies’ climate disclosure resolutions may be relying on overly optimistic scenarios. (Energy News Network)
• A cottage industry has developed around helping the oil industry keep pace with climate change in Alaska, including a company that helps keep permafrost frozen. (NPR)

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• The Massachusetts Senate approves sweeping legislation that would promote energy storage, put a price on carbon, increase renewable portfolio standards, and raise the solar net metering cap. (Associated Press, pv magazine)
President Trump names a former fossil fuel lobbyist who had co-authored a report denying climate change to lead the Energy Department’s Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy. (Utility Dive)

GRID: California lawmakers are again considering legislation that would expand the state’s power grid to include as many as 14 Western states. (San Diego Union-Tribune)

EPA: The Office of Government Ethics is considering a “formal corrective action proceeding” regarding EPA administrator Scott Pruitt’s ethical scandals. (Politico)

PIPELINES: Enbridge estimates a tunnel beneath the Straits of Mackinac for its Line 5 pipeline could cost up to $500 million and take six years to build. (Detroit Free Press)

COAL ASH: Most groundwater monitoring wells near coal ash disposal sites in the Ohio Valley show signs of leaking contaminants, and levels far exceeded federal drinking water standards at several sites, according to a new analysis. (WFPL)

WIND: Rhode Island’s House of Representative will authorize an investigation into whether the state’s offshore wind turbines are killing sea life, following the death of a juvenile humpback whale last year. (ecoRI)

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EFFICIENCY: Maine’s marijuana industry is being shut out of a state energy efficiency program amid concerns over a federal crackdown. (Portland Press-Herald)

• Why wind energy growth has been lopsided in the United States. (Vox)
• Blockchain “is not a cure-all” for grid management. (Greentech Media)
• Two FERC commissioners say cybersecurity standards are needed for natural gas pipelines. (Houston Chronicle)

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