ELECTRIC VEHICLES: The Biden administration begins a last-minute push to fight the U.S. Postal Service’s plan to spend $11.3 billion on new gasoline-powered delivery trucks. (Washington Post)

• A shortage of electric vehicle chargers could stymy the Biden administration’s EV plans, as only a few manufacturers meet the federal government’s “Buy America” guidelines. (E&E News)
• Global electric vehicle sales more than doubled last year from 2020, with government policies as the “key driving force,” experts say. (Axios)
• Experts see a “robust market” for electrified buses as more cities add them to their fleets. (Utility Dive)

EFFICIENCY: At least a dozen states passed new clean energy or efficiency legislation in 2021, including implementing incentives for clean heating systems and strengthening building codes. (Grist)

• The growing size of offshore wind turbines poses a shipping problem, as only a few ships in the world are big enough to install them in the sea. (E&E News)
• New England U.S. senators ask the Biden administration to study the economic impacts of forthcoming offshore wind development. (The Hill)

Virginia clean energy advocates hope Democrats’ narrow state Senate majority can defend against Republican measures to weaken or repeal recently passed clean energy and climate measures. (Energy News Network)
• As governor of West Virginia, U.S. Sen. Joe Manchin’s 2009 decision to classify waste coal as alternative energy kneecapped a law meant to jump-start the state’s transition to renewables. (E&E News)

A lack of transparency and representation on Massachusetts’ Commission on Clean Heat leaves climate advocates skeptical of the kinds of policies it will create. (Energy News Network)
Delaware is the first state in the nation to set up a committee to carry out a federal environmental justice policy, but some advocates worry related actions won’t actually help those most in need. (E&E News)

• Grid operators Southwest Power Pool and MISO identify seven possible transmission projects along their border that could unlock 81,000 MW of generating capacity to connect to the grid. (Utility Dive)
• A study finds the Western grid can acquire 90% of its power from renewables and storage by 2040 but will need “emerging clean and flexible” resources to cover the final 10%. (RTO Insider, subscription)

OIL & GAS: Natural gas prices spike just ahead of a winter storm forecast to slam Texas. (CNN)

PIPELINES: Pennsylvania files criminal charges against the owners of the Revolution pipeline, asserting that negligence led to its explosion near Pittsburgh over three years ago. (Beaver County Times)

LITHIUM: The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service proposes designating critical habitat for a rare flower in the path of a proposed Nevada lithium mine, dealing a major setback to the project. (E&E News)

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