HYDROGEN: The Biden administration keeps touting green hydrogen as a way to cut heavy industry emissions, but it’s uncertain when or even if the fuel and the infrastructure to use it will be widely available. (E&E News)

• Anti-pipeline organizers say the major oil spill off California’s coast displays why the Biden administration should quickly move the U.S. beyond fossil fuels and halt new pipeline projects. (Washington Post)
• California’s Democratic U.S. lawmakers use the spill to call for a ban on oil and gas drilling in federal waters. (The Hill)
• The Canadian government invokes a 1977 treaty as it calls for negotiations between U.S. and Canadian diplomats over the fate of the Line 5 pipeline in Michigan. (Bridge Michigan)

• The U.S. EPA releases a new draft strategic plan that for the first time includes climate and environmental justice goals. (E&E News)
• Activists and insiders wait to see whether the EPA will incorporate new aircraft- and satellite-based leak detection technologies into new methane emission rules. (Canary Media)

A proposed 300-400 MW solar plant on 3,400 acres in Louisiana spotlights how such projects can spark debate over the country’s environmental future, how best to regulate and tax it, and residents who feel trampled upon by industry. (The Advocate)
The growth of community solar projects in New York City may be stunted if the state doesn’t expand incentives poised to dry up in the next month, solar industry backers argue. (The City)

NUCLEAR: Nuclear fusion has promise to deliver cheap power from a nearly unlimited fuel source — if it can overcome major holdups. (New Yorker)

ELECTRIC VEHICLES: Tesla delivered a record 241,000 vehicles in the third quarter, despite global chip shortages and supply chain problems. (Axios)

GRID: National Grid is testing artificial intelligence software in Rhode Island and Massachusetts meant to chill grocery store freezers before high power demand periods to potentially lower energy costs and grid stress. (Energy News Network)

ENVIRONMENTAL JUSTICE: A federal court ruling slamming Virginia regulators for failing to study the risks of building a natural gas compressor station in a historic Black community prompts state officials and lawmakers to boost their efforts to protect low-income and minority communities from industrial development. (E&E News)

STORAGE: The South Korean battery companies powering the rapidly growing electric vehicle industry in factories across the Southeast grapple with a shortage of research and engineering specialists that could delay technological development. (Reuters)

COMMENTARY: President Biden is sending “confounding mixed messages” on climate, as he makes public environmental commitments while his administration defends some Trump-era environmental rules, a conservationist writes. (Los Angeles Times)

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