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Wisconsin task force to address ‘immediate’ climate threat

CLIMATE: Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers creates a climate change task force to develop mitigation and adaptation strategies for what he calls an “immediate threat to the state.” (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)

Bloomington, Indiana, releases its first greenhouse gas inventory to target operations that would benefit most from efficiency or clean energy. (Indiana Public Media)
• “The evidence is there. You can’t avoid it,” the CEO of Consumers Energy says of the need to address climate change. (Battle Creek Enquirer)

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WIND: Researchers say understanding certain wind patterns, increasing the size of turbines and dealing with variability are the main challenges to widespread wind development. (Energy News Network)

NUCLEAR: A Minnesota nuclear plant is at the center of a debate over whether utilities should invest heavily to prolong the power source or use that funding for renewables. (Minnesota Public Radio)

BIOFUELS: An Iowa congresswoman calls the U.S. EPA’s latest biofuels plan a “bait and switch,” while industry officials say could cost the state 400 jobs. (Radio Iowa)

POLITICS: U.S. Energy Secretary Rick Perry, who led a failed federal effort to prop up struggling coal and nuclear plants, will resign. (New York Times) 

• Environmental groups and the owner of a central Illinois coal plant sign a consent decree that would close the E.D. Edwards plant by the end of 2022 and pay $6.9 million into an account for public health and environmental projects. (WGLT)
Addressing a $66 billion funding shortfall for coal miners’ and other union pension plans is part of a political strategy for Republicans and Democrats in swing states like Ohio. (Roll Call)

SOLAR: A rooftop community solar project northwest of Chicago offsets power for nine nearby municipal buildings. (Chicago Tribune)

Most Ohio voters say renewables are the most important strategy to meet the state’s energy needs, according to a recent poll by George Mason University. (Great Lakes Echo)
• Minnesota clean energy opponents’ renewable energy cost estimates conflict with utility projections. (St. Cloud Times)

OHIO: Monday is the deadline for supporters of a referendum on subsidies for Ohio nuclear and coal plants to submit petition signatures. (Cincinnati Enquirer)

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OIL & GAS: August was a record-setting month for oil and gas production in North Dakota. (Bismarck Tribune)

COAL ASH: Community activists in northeastern Illinois express concerns to state regulators about coal ash pollution. (The Times Weekly)

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